Marcy B.

My experience with Kogan & DiSalvo, PA was excellent. Every phase from immediately after the auto accident, walking me through the phases of what to expect and how I would not have to worry about medical expenses along the way. It was a comfort and at any moment that I had a question or concern not only did the paralegal on my account tend to my immediate needs but also Mr. Kogan himself was available for me on a moments notice. I was very impressed with how easy it was to find answers and feel attended to in every way. It is scary to be in a car accident and feel pain, not yourself, and worry that you may not ever recover fully. Lucky for me it was not a major accident and due to the excellent care given by the doctors as well as time, I am much improved. I recommend Kogan & DiSalve wholeheartedly. They have such caring hearts and really do this with the sole intention of helping those injured to be protected and given the proper medical attention.

Exceptional experience in every way!

- Marcy -