Boca Hoops Summer Camp 2019 Winner

The attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo are proud to award this recognition to an outstanding member of our Boca Raton. Service to one’s community is at the bedrock of our practice and we look forward to seeing what our winner’s continued years of service have to hold. We wish him all the best at Bocca Hoops. 

Winner – Hayze Kingham


“It means so much to me that I have been recognized for my community service with a free week of Boca Hoops Camp. I was surprised because I am usually not the one who receives recognition regarding my work with Miracle League, but instead my friend, Mason, who absolutely deserves it for the challenges he has to overcome every day. I appreciate both Boca Hoops and Kogan & DiSalvo for granting me this opportunity and their recognition of the good that is being done in the community.”