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Florida Cruise Ship Coronavirus Lawyer

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, some of those most vulnerable are individuals vacationing and working on cruise ships. Many cruise ship passengers and workers have been left stranded and unable to dock. At the same time, crew members and travelers onboard these cruises continue to contract the deadly virus, quarantined and trapped at sea.

Most troubling of all, recent reports indicate that many cruise lines neglected to take appropriate measures to protect passengers and crew from the coronavirus once they received the first word that people were sick. This neglect may have promoted the swift proliferation of the illness and allowed countless individuals to become infected. If you became ill or lost a loved one to COVID-19 onboard a cruise ship, you may have grounds to join a class-action lawsuit on behalf of passengers infected with the coronavirus.

Our accomplished Florida cruise ship coronavirus lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo could help you seek a wide range of compensation for the devastating losses you have suffered from COVID-19. Additionally, our dedicated team could help you hold the cruise line accountable for their mismanagement of the situation.

How May Cruise Lines May be Negligent in Handling Coronavirus

The CDC made it abundantly apparent that swift detection and containment measures are essential to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus and issued specific guidance for maritime vessels. While a no sail order by the CDC remains in effect for cruise ships, there are many instances of boats that did not prevent and contain coronavirus spread once they knew it was on board and have since been allowed to dock. As a result, many cruise ship passengers have been infected and may now be eligible to file class-action lawsuits for negligent handling of the coronavirus.

The CDC instructs both cruise passengers and crew to monitor for symptoms and to self-quarantine. These individuals should alert the medical authorities if symptoms appear. All individuals onboard should follow proper sanitation protocols, including use a tissue to shield sneezes and coughs and frequently wash their hands. If anyone on board a ship contracts COVID-19, they should quarantine alone in a cabin where the medical personnel can visit. If a passenger becomes infected with coronavirus and must leave their isolation quarters for some reason, they should wear a face mask at all times and adhere to the proper social distance of six feet. If surfaces on the ship are not properly cleaned or those infected are not forced to isolate when they exhibit symptoms of coronavirus, the virus can quickly spread to passengers and crew members across the ship, causing catastrophic illness and death. If a cruise line failed to take any of these precautions and an individual contracted COVID-19 as a result, a Florida attorney could help this person take legal action.

Risk Factors for Coronavirus

While anyone can contract coronavirus, certain individuals may be at a higher risk of suffering from grave complications and death if they catch the virus. Individuals aged 65 and up are among those who are most in danger if they contract coronavirus, as well as individuals who have pre-existing health conditions.

Individuals with immunity issues, kidney or liver disease, cardiovascular conditions, and diabetes are also considered to be more vulnerable to severe complications from coronavirus. Even if COVID-19 does not result in death, an individual can be left facing ongoing physical challenges, including damage to the nervous system and organs. If an at-risk individual contracted coronavirus while on a cruise ship, one of our lawyers in Florida could determine if they may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit.

Recovering Damages for a Cruise Line’s Mishandling of COVID-19

A Florida coronavirus attorney could help a person claim various damages resulting from a cruise line’s negligence in a class-action lawsuit. In a successful case, the court may grant compensation to each claimant based on their specific damages, such as medical bills, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering.

Alternatively, depending on the details of the class-action suit, the court may opt to split the settlement funds uniformly between class members so that each individual receives equal compensation. Our attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo could explain what recovery options may be available to them in their specific situation.

Contact a Florida Cruise Ship Coronavirus Attorney

If you contracted COVID-19 while on a cruise, please contact our office to learn more about your legal options and discuss your potential claim. Our Florida cruise ship coronavirus lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo could explain this legal process and help you seek compensation for all of your losses. Call our office today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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