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Unique Aspects of Boca Raton Motor Scooter Accidents

One difference between Boca Raton motor scooter and motorcycle accidents is the potential speed they are being operated on. Motorcycles typically go faster than motor scooters but there is nothing about a motor scooter which makes it potentially more dangerous than a motorcycle.

The problem with motor scooters, as well as with motorcycles, is they are difficult to see at times. Their visual footprint is smaller than that of a car or truck and as a result, people can miss them when they are looking.

If you have been in a motor scooter accident and sustained injuries, an experienced Boca Raton Vespa and motor scooter accident attorney can help you compile evidence for your case. A Boca Raton lawyer can clarify any questions you may have regarding your claim.

Dangers of a Motor Scooter

Bearded man driving a motorcycle down a road lined with palm trees

The dangerous element is one important difference between Boca Raton motor scooter and motorcycle accidents because they are going slower people can misjudge their distance or may not see them at all. As with any motorcycle or scooter, a person is vulnerable. There is a possibility the individual’s body out there which will absorb any impact directly.

This makes scooters just as dangerous as a motorcycle. Scooters do not have the power to get out of situations and that is one of the big problems. Scooters tend to have very small diameter tires and are not very maneuverable and sometimes the quick turn of the handlebars might result in the scooter falling over. Motorcycle tires are larger in diameter and are quite maneuverable.

Motor scooters have to have property damage insurance. Fault analysis is necessary in a case of Boca Raton Vespa and motor scooter accidents considerations. Boca Raton motor scooter and motorcycle accidents should be handled the same way by an experienced lawyer.

Differentiating Types of Licenses

Person driving a motorcycle through floodwaters on the side of the road

The only law that does not apply to both Boca Raton Vespa and motor scooter accidents is the requirement for a helmet. Other than that they are both registered vehicles under the roads of the State of Florida. The only difference in licensing is if a person is going to operate a motorcycle, they have to have a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

If they are operating a moped or a scooter or a Vespa, they do not need that special endorsement. The regular driver’s license to drive a car will allow that individual to drive a scooter, Vespa, or moped. If a person wants to operate a motorcycle, they have to take a class and get a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

That is the first change and difference in the law. The other difference in the law again is not the helmets, because a person is not required to wear a helmet on a scooter or moped. Licensing requirements and helmets are the only legal differences between Boca Raton motor scooter and motorcycle accidents.

Potential Consequences for Motor Scooters and Motorcycles

Man with broken arm in cast standing in front of a wrecked car

The biggest difference in potential consequences between a motor scooter and a motorcycle have to do with speed. There are a number of factors that come into play here because motorcycles tend to keep up with traffic or go faster than traffic. They are a lot faster and have more agility and are able to go in and out of traffic by accelerating faster. They are more likely to be involved in a crash just because of the dynamics of driving.

A scooter, on the other hand, which is going less than 30 miles an hour, impacts a stopped object, the maximum they are going to be going is 30 miles an hour. A motorcycle can be going 80 miles an hour or more, thus the damage to a person is going to be greater at the higher speed. Other drivers that do not see the scooter or motorcycle, the scooter is slower and will have more time to stop, to evade, or try to avoid the collision. To understand the relative differences between Boca Raton motor scooter and motorcycle accidents, an individual should contact an attorney.

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