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Deciding Whether to Settle a Boca Raton Truck Accident Case

There are many factors you should consider when filing an injury claim following a truck accident. For example, in some cases, a settlement may ultimately end up being a more convenient option if you do not have time to construct a strong injury claim. However, there are cases where the monetary amount offered in a settlement is far less than what you could end up winning in court. Due to these contrasting factors, it is important to consult with a team of knowledgeable attorneys before deciding whether to settle a Boca Raton truck accident case.

Settlement Process in Boca Raton

The settlement process in Boca Raton is a negotiation process wherein the insurance company and their attorneys go back and forth offering and rejecting amounts to settle the case. Attorneys may determine the value of their case based on a person’s injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and the quality of their pain and suffering claim.

The settlement process begins by knowing exactly how much a victim’s medical bills are, how much is outstanding, whether there are any liens on their case from their health insurance or other entities, and how much the victim would meet at various amounts.

The victim has the final authority to settle and only the victim may make that choice with advice from their attorneys. If the case could not be settled, a lawsuit may be filed. Settlement negotiations continue through the lawsuit and many cases end up settling during a process called mediation. If a case could not settle at mediation, the case may proceed to trial where a jury would make the final decision.

Reasons to Settle a Case Instead of Going to Court

The choice to settle a case or go to trial is dependant upon the victim of the accident. Depending upon the details of the case, a victim could decide to settle if they live out of state and the act of filing a successful injury claim is too much of an inconvenience. There are required depositions, mediations, and medical examinations which the victim must attend if they wish to build a strong compensation claim. Living out of state, or even having an inflexible work schedule could make it difficult to go through with an injury claim.

A victim could also be intimidated by the fact that they have to present a claim in front of other people. Such situations could involve a victim showcasing their injuries to people in the courtroom. This could be embarrassing for some people and understandably so.

A person should not make this decision without the assistance of a truck accident lawyer with experience handling cases in Boca Raton. Attorneys can offer professional advice as to whether or not a person’s case would be perceived poorly by a judge and jury, ultimately resulting in an unsuccessful claim. Contact a lawyer for help with deciding whether to settle a Boca Raton truck accident case.

Reasons for Refusing to Accept a Settlement Offer

A person may refuse to take a settlement offer if they feel that their case is worth more than the insurance company is offering to pay. Attorneys can help with deciding whether to settle a Boca Raton truck accident case by determining the chances a person has of winning a trial. If there is an adequate amount of evidence that is in the victim’s favor, lawyers may suggest taking the injury claim to court.

Another factor worth considering is the number of medical bills a person would be paying after an accident. If the settlement amount is worth less than the total amount of medical bills a person would have to pay after sustaining injuries, it may be worth to take a case to court to see if they can get their medical costs covered.

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