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Steps to Take After a Boca Raton Truck Crash

Vignette of a head-on car accident at an intersection

Truck crashes can leave you with jarring injuries with potentially long-lasting effects. Victims usually find themselves facing expensive medical costs as well as a lengthy injury claim process should they decide to file a compensation claim without the help of an accomplished truck accident attorney in Boca Raton. However, this process can be less stressful if you follow the appropriate steps to take after a Boca Raton truck crash. For more information, schedule a consultation with our lawyers from Kogan & DiSalvo today.

Examples of Common Causes of Truck Wrecks in Boca Raton

A truck with red running lights driving on a foggy highway at night

Some examples of common causes of truck accidents in Boca Raton include drunk driving, speeding, running a stop sign, running a red light, driving at night, driving in the wrong direction, driver fatigue, blind spot collisions, and jackknife collisions. All of these examples could be used to determine liability or fault in a crash. Consult with our skilled attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo to learn more about effectively assigning fault in a truck accident case.

Common Pattern of Injuries Sustained in Truck Crashes

Doctor in a hospital reviewing screens showing a brain injury

Due to the large and heavy nature of truck injuries sustained by car drivers or their passengers who are involved in collisions with trucks may be significant. Some common injuries sustained by drivers or passengers who have experienced truck accidents include death, traumatic brain injury, dismemberment, lacerations, and bruises, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis among others. A person who has suffered such injuries should consult with an attorney following an accident. This is perhaps one of the most vital steps to take after a Boca Raton truck crash.

What is Comparative Negligence and Why is it Important?

Statue of lady justice on desk of a judge or lawyer.

Comparative negligence means that a jury could apportion fault between two or more parties. Since Boca Raton is a comparative negligence jurisdiction, it comes into play in Boca Raton truck accidents. Some factors that a jury might consider when determining who is at fault or liable for a trucking accident include drunk driving, speeding, running a stop sign, running a red light, driving at night, driving in the wrong direction, driver fatigue, blind spot collisions, and jackknife collisions.

Retaining a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Two people shaking hands over legal documents and a gavel

It is important to reach out to an attorney shortly after an accident because an attorney can use their experience to help guide the person through the entire claim process early on. An attorney can also make sure that they are receiving the best and appropriate treatment for their injuries. Nowadays attorneys are more accessible than ever. A person could contact our attorneys by phone, email, text message, and online chats among other ways.

Importance of Contacting a Boca Raton Truck Accident Attorney

The attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo in front of their office building

If someone has been injured in a truck accident in Boca Raton, it is important for them to contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Trucking accident injuries could have life-altering and long-term or lifelong effects for the injured individual as well as their family. A trucking accident lawyer understands the expensive and highly specialized medical care and rehabilitation necessary for a trucking accident injury.

Hiring an attorney is one of the more essential steps to take after a Boca Raton truck crash. Our compassionate attorneys from Kogan & DiSalvo fully acknowledges the great financial burden the entire family must endure and are able to present a possible short-term solution to lessen the burden on the injured person as well as their family so the focus may remain on recovery and supporting the loved one who has sustained the injury. Additionally, a seasoned trucking accident lawyer is prepared to take the case to trial.

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