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Boynton Beach Burn Injury Lawyer 

Burn injuries are painful and traumatic injuries to endure. The physical and emotional pain that comes with sustaining burn injuries is compounded by the sudden financial strain burn victims must take on, in order to pay for treatment. You have the right to damages for your medical expenses and for pain and suffering, and a Boynton Beach burn injury lawyer can help you secure those damages. If you or someone you love has sustained burn injuries, retain the services of a tenacious catastrophic injury lawyer who will fight for you, and help you hold responsible parties accountable.

Types of Burn Injuries

A doctor and nurse putting a bandage on a patient's burn injury in the hospital

A burn can be defined as damage to a person’s body’s tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, or radiation. Scalds from hot liquids and steam, building fires, and flammable wood works and gases, are the most common causes of burns. Another kind is an inhalation injury caused by breathing smoke.

Common types of burns are thermal burns, which are burns due to heat sources such as hot metals, scalding liquids, steam, or flames; radiation burns, which result from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun or X-rays; chemical burns, which are burns due to strong acids, alkalis, detergents, or solvents coming into contact with the skin or eyes; and electrical burns, which are burns from an electrical current.

What are the Steps to Take After Sustaining a Burn Injury?

Exterior of a building with a sign reading "Hospital"

They should seek medical attention for the burn injury at an emergency room, hospital, or dermatologist. In Boynton Beach, the injured individual should seek immediate medical attention at a hospital emergency room at one of the following hospitals: JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Bethesda East or West hospitals in Boynton Beach, or Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach.

If the burned individual is questioning whether or not to seek medical treatment, the individual should always err on the side of caution and see a medical care professional to avoid or mitigate secondary infections, permanent scarring, and those types of things. If the injury is minor, the individual should defer to their own judgment as to treatment protocols.

As soon as a client has sought medical treatment for their burns, they should collect as much evidence as possible relating to the circumstances that led to the burn injury. Clients should avoid speaking with insurance companies without the counsel of a Boynton Beach burn injury lawyer and avoid confrontation with the negligent party that caused the burn injury.

What are the Effects of a Severe Burn?

Open door to an operating room in a hospital where surgeons are working

There are first degree burns, which are burns that damage only the outer layer of the skin. There are second-degree burns, which damage the outer layer and the layer of skin underneath. There are third-degree burns, which damage the deepest layer of skin and the tissues underneath.

A severe burn can have a significant impact on a person’s life both physically and emotionally. Severe burns can leave persons with loss of limbs and mobility, disfigurement, scarring, recurring infections, and muscle damage. Emotionally, burns can cause depression, nightmares, flashbacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and things of that nature. It can also have a financial impact. Burns may require significant medical treatment, including skin grafts and plastic surgery.

Role of a Lawyer

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A person who has suffered a severe burn injury should contact a Boynton Beach burn injury lawyer to ascertain what their options are. If the burn was caused by someone else’s negligence or intentionally, the person may be entitled to compensation for damages. These damages include the person’s medical bills in treating the burn, future medical expenses such as plastic surgery, the person’s pain, and suffering, and their mental anguish.

There is no set severity threshold to contact a lawyer. All consultations are free and a lawyer can help the person decide if the case is worth pursuing, based on how serious the person’s medical bills and injuries are, and what the following case process will look like.

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