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Boynton Beach Catastrophic Injury Damages

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Catastrophic injury cases have the potential to have high damages due to the seriousness of the injuries. In a catastrophic injury case, it is important to have a highly qualified medical expert to testify about the permanency of the injuries and future medical expenses. If the person is unable to be gainfully employed, it is crucial to have an expert testify about their loss of capacity to earn money in the future.

When someone has suffered a catastrophic injury and are limited with regard to speaking or movement or travel, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney will make every possible accommodation to meet and communicate with them, including providing a laptop or iPad, with which a client can type or dictate, and meet with the clients and potential clients at their home, hospital or rehabilitation facility. A determined attorney will stop at nothing to make sure that the injured party receives the catastrophic injury damages that they deserve.

Types of Damages

A printed medical billing statement with a stethoscope on top of it

An attorney will assess all the facts of the case to determine which type of damages to seek. The injured person should have open communication with his or her attorney so that the attorney is fully aware of all the facts surrounding the client’s case to best assess their full Boynton Beach catastrophic injury damages.

The nature of damages can include:

  • Loss of gainful employment;
  • Cost of long-term care;
  • Quality of life changes and surviving versus thriving; and
  • Past medical bills.

Since catastrophic injuries are permanent or long-term, the anticipated future medical bills can be extremely high; damages for pain and suffering can be very high because the injured person’s entire quality of life has decreased.

If the catastrophically injured person is unable to be gainfully employed, damages for loss of earning capacity can be awarded for the rest of the person’s life.  Pain and suffering is especially important in traumatic brain injury cases because of the permanency involved in diminishing the quality of life.

Damages Specific to Catastrophic Injury Cases

Woman with a spinal cord injury sitting in a wheelchair in front of a window

Pain and suffering can be especially important in traumatic brain injury cases because of the permanency involved in diminishing the quality of life. That would make it unique as compared to other types of injuries.  If an attorney wants to prove memory loss in catastrophic brain injury cases, every bit of evidence is important; contacting witnesses; gathering surveillance video footage; anything that would help prove how the accident occurred. If it is an auto accident, vehicle, black boxes; anything that a client thinks that would be evidence will be helpful

Contacting a Lawyer

The attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo in front of their office building

If someone suffers a catastrophic injury in Boynton Beach and have not yet sought out legal representation, they should know that insurance companies will always present themselves as the individual’s friend. They are not. Their sole interest is to pay the minimum amount, if anything at all, for the catastrophic injury claim.

An experienced injury lawyer can help guide an injured person in how to use their settlement money to purchase a structured settlement so they will receive regular payments over a period of time as opposed to a lump sum payment. Most injured people prefer this type of settlement.  It is imperative to seek a skilled and reputable Boynton Beach Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in order to ensure that the individual’s claim is comprehensively and compassionately prepared and presented and that the legal team is fully prepared to take it to trial and fight for the best recovery for their catastrophic injury.

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