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Paralysis is defined as the loss of the ability to move and/or have feeling in part of or most of the body, typically resulting from injury, illness, or poisoning. Paralysis is commonly caused by traumatic injuries, such as head injuries sustained in auto accidents, diving into a shallow body of water, and falling from significant heights.

When it comes to paralysis, a person can make a claim or sue for injury resulting from the negligence of another. The person cannot make the claim or sue for an ailment that was contracted by natural causes or natural means. However, if a person negligently exposed another to a communicable disease and did so with nefarious intent, in some cases, criminal charges can be pursued and civil claims can be made with the assistance of a Boynton Beach paralysis injury lawyer. To learn more or get started on filing an injury claim for your case, consult with a serious injury lawyer in Boynton Beach today.

What Steps Should Someone Take Following an Injury?

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After sustaining an injury that has caused paralysis in Boynton Beach, Florida, a person should seek immediate medical care at a level one trauma center, such as Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach or St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.

In addition to seeking medical treatment following an injury resulting in paralysis, individuals should document all details pertinent to the situation that led to the injury. People should also note any possible witnesses, should save their clothing and footwear, if applicable, and take photos or have their family and friends take photos of the scene where the accident occurred. Collecting all of that evidence will make it easier for Boynton Beach paralysis lawyer to make the injured party’s case.

Forms of Evidence

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Evidence includes hospital and/or doctor’s notes, physical therapy notes, occupational therapy and neuropsychologist notes, different charts and records, diagnostic reports, images or scans, and test results from all healthcare providers who treated the person and found the event that caused the alleged traumatic injury.

Examples also include reports from the doctors who have treated the individual for their paralysis and reports that state whether the paralysis is projected to be temporary or permanent. Other evidence includes testimony from the injured person, medical documentation, the use of expert medical witnesses to testify at trial to describe the nature and extent of the injury sustained, necessary past medical treatment, and the necessity of ongoing and future medical care and treatment.

The injured person’s testimony will likely be used to establish how the accident happened and to show who was at fault. If an injury is truly an accident and sometimes liability cannot be proven by the plaintiff. If it was no one’s fault, then no can be held responsible. Usually, it is no one’s fault. The person can document all the ways that the injury has affected their life, including specific examples of cognitive impairments et cetera.

How Does an Attorney Build an Injury Claim?

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An experienced Boynton Beach paralysis lawyer goes about collecting evidence through the medical records initially. The attorney will read the records and understand exactly the medical condition that is being claimed by looking at the medical treatment.

Then they present evidence at mediation where the attorney will make a presentation of the facts and photographs. At trial, there will be the testimony of the injured person, expert witnesses, and exhibits as well as the presentation of medical records, bills, photographs, et cetera.

The evidence presented with or on the body of the injured person, not necessarily, photographs and radiologic imaging scans can suffice whether there are permanent significant scars, is sometimes helpful for a jury to see the scar in person as opposed to a photograph of the scar.

Benefits of a Paralysis Injury Attorney

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A person who has suffered an injury that caused paralysis should consider hiring a Boynton Beach paralysis lawyer if their paralysis was the result of someone else’s negligence. Several life insurance companies specialize in life insurance plans for persons with disabilities and a lawyer can help the individual file those claims. Insurance companies often avoid insuring people with paralyzing conditions which is why lawyers need to find one of those companies that specialize in plans for persons with disability. Furthermore, the long-term care modifications necessary to accommodate such an injury as well as rehabilitation are financially burdensome and a skilled and experienced catastrophic injury attorney will fight for a recovery that is commensurate with the injuries, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

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