Building a Boynton Beach Spinal Cord Injury Case 

Spinal cord injury is trauma or damage to the spinal cord, the major column of nerve tissue that is connected to the brain and lies within the vertebral canal, and from which the spinal nerves emerge. Some of the common ways that spinal cord injuries occur include auto accidents, slip and falls, acts of violence, and sports injuries.The first calls a person should make following a spinal cord injury should all pertain to medical treatment and diagnosis, as well as minimizing the injury, and stabilizing the injury, to ensure that additional injury is not sustained. The second person they should call is an experienced Boynton Beach spine injury lawyer. A skilled personal injury lawyer can begin building a Boynton Beach spinal cord injury case for you.

Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

A person who has sustained a spinal cord injury should immediately seek treatment in a level one trauma center or a hospital. It is important that people seek medical treatment even if they feel fine after an accident because not all injuries are visible or detectable immediately. Internal bleeding, swelling, and other injuries can have catastrophic effects if not addressed right away.

In addition to seeking medical treatment following a spinal cord injury, an injured person should document all details pertinent to the situation that led to the injury and any possible witnesses.  The injured party should save their clothing and footwear, and if applicable have friends and family take photos of their injuries.

Following a spinal cord injury, an injured person should avoid doing anything contraindicated by their medical care professionals. They should not speak with any insurance company representative of the at-fault party or the at-fault party’s legal representative.

Collecting Evidence

When building a Boynton Beach spinal cord injury case, it is vital that the attorney collect evidence through the collection of medical records. The attorney will read the records and understand exactly the medical condition that is being explained and the medical treatment that is being provided. They will present that evidence and use it at meditation along with photographs.

In a trial, they will add the testimony of the injured person and expert witnesses; and use exhibits of all the aforementioned things such as medical records, bills, photographs, brain scans, et cetera. The injured person’s testimony will likely be used to establish how the accident happened to show who was at fault. The client can also help by documenting all the ways that the injury has affected their lives, including specific examples of cognitive impairment.

Importance of a Lawyer

In order to have a successful lawsuit, the injured person needs to be able to prove liability, that someone else is at fault, and damages, which refers to the fact that they were injured. If they are able to prove both components, they may be entitled to compensation. That is why it is vital to contact a lawyer who can start building a Boynton Beach spinal cord injury case for you. If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, contact a lawyer to learn your options start working on your case today.