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When your doctor prescribes medication, you assume the drug is safe and effective for treatment. While any drug has side effects, which by FDA law are listed on the packaging, certain drugs may produce such severe adverse reactions that their use is inherently dangerous.

With such defective drugs, you may suffer an illness or injury far more serious than the condition for which the medication was prescribed, and with far-reaching consequences. Dangerous drugs can permanently alter a victim’s life.

A Boynton Beach dangerous drug lawyer can help you receive compensation for this injustice.

Examples of Dangerous Drugs

A pharmacist taking a box of medication off of a shelf

Some of the dangerous drug cases commonly found that warrant attention with a dangerous drug lawyer in Boynton Beach includes:

  • Xarelto – a blood thinner that has allegedly caused uncontrolled bleeding in patients
  • Taxotere – A chemotherapy drug that may result in permanent hair loss
  • Abilify – an anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drug which allegedly causes excessive risk taking, including gambling and sexual behavior
  • Onglyza – a diabetes drug which allegedly causes low blood sugar and diabetic coma in some patients, or severe, disabling joint pain
  • Risperdal – One of the most prescribed antipsychotic drugs allegedly causes numerous side effects, some of which have resulted in death
  • Zofran – an anti-nausea drug allegedly responsible for birth defects in children of mothers who took it during pregnancy
  • Low-T medications – drugs used to increase the testosterone level in the body allegedly causes increased risk of blood clots and stroke
  • Ozempic, Wegovy, and other weight loss drugs – drugs originally designed to manage type 2 diabetes which is also often used to help aid weight loss.

Over-the-counter drugs can also cause serious side effects. For example, talcum powder has been linked to cases of ovarian cancer. Talcum powder contains silicon, magnesium, and oxygen, and the World Health Organization has listed it as a possible carcinogen.

Dangerous Drug Liability

Blue capsule pills on a conveyer in a pharmaceutical factory

The liable party in a dangerous drug case depends on the exact circumstances. These are the parties most often considered responsible:

  • Manufacturer – The manufacturer may be liable if the drug was not adequately tested or properly designed, or a step in the manufacturing or packaging process allowed the drug to become contaminated. The drug maker may have marketed the drug improperly, failing to include relevant information regarding side effects, drug interactions and correct use and dosage
  • Physician – A doctor may be negligent in prescribing drugs to their patients, or prescribe a drug “off-label” – not for its approved use – resulting in serious side effects
  • Pharmacist – If the pharmacist mislabeled the drug – giving the patient the wrong medication or dosage – or did not warn the patient about potential issues with the drug, they may be held liable

Filing a Defective or Dangerous Drug Claim

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While anyone experiencing complications from dangerous drugs may be eligible to seek compensation for their medical bills and damages for pain and suffering, these drug cases are complicated.

In Florida, pro-pharmaceutical company legislation makes pursuing drug companies difficult. An attorney must understand the complex scientific evidence presented in dangerous drug cases, and hire expert witnesses.

Many times, such cases are brought together in a class action lawsuit against the drug company. A Boynton Beach dangerous drug attorney is familiar with the technical aspects of drug law and will fight aggressively for their clients.

Contacting a Dangerous Drugs Attorney

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Under Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injury, a claim must be filed within two years. However, product liability cases may be filed within 12 years.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious illness because of a dangerous or defective drug – or a death has resulted – you need the services of our Boynton Beach dangerous drug lawyers as soon as possible.

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