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Boynton Beach Private Property Premises Liability Lawyer

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Premises liability cases frequently involve serious injuries and financially draining medical expenses. When someone is injured while visiting the property of another, they may be eligible to file a premises liability case. The property owner could be held liable for the injury if they ignored the poor conditions of their property that led to the incident. Contact a skilled Boynton Beach private property premises liability lawyer who could help advocate for compensation or help prevent other individuals from suffering a similar injury.

Generally, property which is under private ownership, not owned by any governmental entity, and not owned by the state, town, city, county, but is owned by an individual or a company may be considered private property. Different types of private property may influence the way a premises liability claim is treated. For example, a case that occurred in a residence such as a home is generally handled differently than if the incident happened in a restaurant.

A Boynton Beach premises liability attorney from Kogan & DiSalvo could search for legal options that may hold a private property owner responsible for their neglect. When someone legally enters another person’s property, they typically have a reasonable expectation of safety. A private property owner who ignores a safety hazard and jeopardizes a guest’s livelihood could be considered liable in a court of law.

Liability on Private Commercial Property

An employee placing a wet floor sign in the entryway of a business

Typically, the business owner or the landowner has a responsibility to maintain the premises and provide safe conditions for potential visitors. Defects which could cause a person on the property to get injured should be addressed or highlighted to bring awareness to guests that a safety hazard may be present. This may include nails sticking out on walls, busted-up flooring, along with other problems that could cause bodily injury. Schedule an appointment with a well-versed Boynton Beach private property premises liability lawyer to begin filing an injury claim.

Accountability on Residential Private Property

A woman swimming in a pool in a back yard

Although the threshold for liability is typically the same for houses, apartments, and condos, they tend to be slightly different. There are generally no regulations or any rules stating that a resident owner should inspect the floor every half hour, for example, to make sure that hazards that could contribute to a slip and fall incident.

When dealing with private residential property, in whatever form, the owner of the property or the occupier of the property may need to either maintain the property so there are no defects, dangerous conditions or at the very least, warn people coming onto the property that there could be hazards.

Sharing Liability for an Injured Guest as a Renter

The exterior of two apartment buildings in Florida

If the incident occurred on a rented property, the renter is typically not excluded from liability. When a renter resides on a property for six months or more, and they were aware of a hazard on the premises that could allow a guest to incur an injury, they may be held liable in a court of law. Additionally, they may have a responsibility independent from the owner to warn guests and urge them to exercise caution when they are in the vicinity of the problematic area. A renter may share this accountability for an injury, even if the landlord refused to correct the problem.

Contacting a Boynton Beach Private Property Premises Liability Attorney

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When someone is injured on the private property of another person, they may find it greatly advantageous to meet with a Boynton Beach private property premises liability lawyer. A caring premises liability attorney could help assess the facts surrounding the incident and potentially help determine liability. An injury does not have to lead paying an overwhelming amount of medical expenses out of pocket, as such an injury could qualify a person for financial compensation. Reach out to a skilled injury lawyer who could help advocate for your best interests.

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