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Coral Springs Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing homes serve an essential role in the lives of many seniors, and these facilities are intended to provide a safe environment for the residents. Unfortunately, nursing homes sometimes fail to keep their residents safe from harm.

If a member of your family has suffered abuse in a nursing home, they could pursue a claim for monetary damages with the help of the experienced and dedicated injury attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo. By retaining skilled Coral Springs nursing home abuse lawyers, you could take legal action against those responsible for your loved one’s painful experience.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse Claims

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There are many types of nursing home abuse that Coral Springs attorneys must consider when reviewing a potential claim. While some forms of abuse or neglect leave visible scars, others are much more difficult to detect.

Physical Abuse

Any unwanted, harmful physical contact could constitute physical abuse. This aggressive behavior frequently comes in the form of an assault, including punching, slapping, or kicking a resident. These claims also may involve the unnecessary use of restraints to punish a resident.

Sexual Assault

Any aggressive, nonconsensual sexual behavior may be a sexual abuse claim. Not only do many residents lack the capacity to consent, but some also may be physically unable to report an assault.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is any improper use of a resident’s property. This may include the theft of money or valuables from a resident’s room. In some cases, abusers could use deceit or threats to coerce a resident to sign over assets. These actions may involve forcing a resident to put their abuser into their will.

Psychological Abuse

A caretaker could harm a resident without ever laying a hand on them. This form of aggressive behavior may occur through yelling, gestures, or spoken threats. Ignoring a resident also can lead to mental anguish.


Neglect occurs any time a staff member with a duty to care for a resident fails or refuses to meet that individual’s needs. Neglect may involve an intentional act, or it may occur because of a facility’s failure to maintain an appropriate number of staff members on duty at one time.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Nursing Home Abuse Claim?

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Florida Statute 429.296 governs the statute of limitations in a nursing home abuse lawsuit. Under this statute, the plaintiff generally must file their lawsuit within two years of the date the incident occurs, with some notable exceptions.

If a claimant fails to meet this statutory deadline, they risk their opportunity to seek compensation. Coral Springs lawyers could work to ensure that a claimant files their nursing home abuse case within the permitted timeframe.

Speak with a Coral Springs Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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The physical and emotional harm that someone suffers after experiencing abuse from the staff at their nursing home can be severe. If your loved one suffered abusive behavior or neglect at their care facility, let the experienced attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo guide you through the litigation process. Starting with a free case evaluation, Coral Springs nursing home abuse lawyers could provide the legal counsel need on your claim.

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