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Dealing with Allstate Insurance After an Accident in Florida

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While many auto insurance companies have the legal obligation to provide benefits to their drivers, many actively work to avoid paying these auto accident claims. Dealing with Allstate Insurance after an accident in Florida can be tricky. They have vast resources and trained employees that they use to avoid paying out claims, and they may use these tools regardless of whether a case is strong or not. Thankfully, a seasoned injury attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo could help you with holding Allstate Insurance accountable.

Time is of the essence when making a claim. The insurance company may begin working against you from the moment they are notified of your claim. To protect your rights, do not hesitate to bring your case to our dedicated attorneys.

Avoid Making Statements to Allstate Insurance Adjusters

When an injured motorist hires an attorney, they also get an advocate. Their attorney may serve as their voice to the outside world for all things related to their injury claim. This would include handling Allstate insurance company claims.

Having an advocate is valuable, as Allstate adjusters in Florida routinely work to elicit damaging statements from the claimant following their car wreck. They may take statements out of context and suggest that the injured party admitted responsibility for the accident. Allstate Insurance could then use these statements to justify the denial of their claim. By only speaking to Allstate through an attorney, an insured driver could lower the risk of jeopardizing their claim. Taking these steps early on during a claim is important. Insurance adjusters often reach out immediately after a crash, hoping to resolve a claim before the injured party has time to find legal counsel.

Handling Settlement Offers Following a Car Wreck

A Florida attorney also provides valuable guidance when dealing with Allstate Insurance. Insurance companies frequently make settlement offers but rarely are they fair for an injured driver. These early offers usually cover little more than the medical bills immediately following a crash.

An attorney could use their experience to advise an injured motorist on whether these settlement offers are fair. In cases involving lowball offers, an attorney could also negotiate directly with Allstate Insurance. These offers can come within a matter of days following a crash, making it vital to contact Kogan & DiSalvo immediately.

Avoiding Delays in Florida Auto Accident Claims

Sometimes the most valuable service an attorney may provide is to keep an injury claim moving. Allstate and their adjusters know they have time on their side. When possible, they may delay a case to pressure an injured party to settle for less than their claim is worth. An attorney could work to ensure a claim does not stall and could push Allstate by filing a civil lawsuit if need be.

Retain a Florida Attorney when Handling Allstate Insurance After an Auto Wreck

If you are dealing with Allstate Insurance after an accident in Florida, speak with a lawyer from Kogan & DiSalvo today. Although you are not required to hire an attorney, taking on an insurance company alone could be detrimental to your claim. With the right guidance, you could get the compensation you need to recover fully from your car crash. Contact our firm today to learn more and to schedule a free case consultation.

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