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Dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance after an Accident in Florida

If you find yourself dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company after an accident in Florida, it is important to fully understand your legal rights and what compensation may be available to you. The Liberty Mutual insurance adjusters may use a range of approaches to try to get you to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Fortunately, the personal injury attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo can negotiate with this insurance company on your behalf and work tirelessly to secure the financial recovery you need.

Types of Liberty Mutual Insurance Claims

There are two different types of claims that could require someone to deal with Liberty Mutual Insurance after a collision — bodily injury and property damage claims. There are several kinds of compensation that someone may recover in a bodily injury claim, including this person’s lost wages due to their injury, hospital bills, physical therapy expenses, any other medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Alternatively, in a property damage case, the claimant may collect compensation for the cost of repairs to their vehicle, or the fair market value of the car if it was a total loss.

If someone sustains injuries as well as property damage in an auto accident in Florida, Liberty Mutual Insurance typically assigns separate adjusters to handle each portion of the claim. Generally, this insurance company may agree to cover the claimant’s property damages if their insured caused the car accident. However, securing compensation in a bodily injury claim can be far more complex.

The insurance adjuster may make every effort to pay out the least amount of compensation that they can. It is not uncommon for adjusters to urge the injured party to accept a quick, small settlement after the crash, rather than wait to complete treatment and calculate the full extent of their damages. As such, someone should consult a skilled Florida attorney when dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance following a motor vehicle accident. Our legal professionals can safeguard a claimant’s rights from day one and counter any attempts by the adjuster to diminish someone’s claim.

The Process of Recovering Compensation in a Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim

In Florida, an attorney can handle all aspects of dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance after a wreck, from the filing of the initial claim to negotiating a settlement or defending the claimant’s right to recovery in court.

After the claimant’s doctor releases them from treatment, their attorney may gather all available evidence to support their case. This may include the injured party’s medical bills, dashcam footage from law enforcement, the police accident report, and a comprehensive record of the claimant’s damages. Our lawyers would then compile this information into a demand letter and send it to the insurance adjuster, who may then issue an offer.

If the offer does not reflect the claimant’s damages fully, an attorney may issue another demand to the adjuster. The negotiation process could continue like this for several weeks or longer. Assuming both sides reach an agreeable settlement, the matter will be resolved without taking it to litigation. If the adjuster from Liberty Mutual refuses to negotiate, the claimant’s attorney may advise this person to take their case to court.

Speak with a Florida Attorney about Handling Liberty Mutual Insurance After an Accident

Kogan & DiSalvo can assist if you find yourself dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance after an accident in Florida. Our team can leverage powerful negotiation strategies to fight for every penny you need to cover all of your injuries and damages. Schedule your free case consultation today.

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