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Dealing with Nationwide Insurance After an Accident in Florida

Nationwide is one of the single largest insurers in the nation, with a range of financial services and subsidiaries serving consumers across 46 states and the District of Columbia. If you get into an accident, the chances are that Nationwide could insure the at-fault driver. If you are dealing with Nationwide Insurance after an accident in Florida and feel like you are making little to no headway with the adjuster, you should speak with an attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo. Our lawyers can handle all communication with the insurance adjuster and build a strong case for damages on your behalf.

Contacting Nationwide Insurance After a Collision in Florida

To pursue compensatory damages after an accident in Florida, an injured party must initiate their claim with Nationwide Insurance. Once someone opens a claim with this insurance company, the adjuster will investigate the wreck to determine whether they will reject or move forward with the individual’s claim. If the claimant sustained property damage in the crash, Nationwide Insurance may send an adjuster out to assess the extent of the damage and either pay for the cost of repairs or issue a check for the market value of the vehicle if it is beyond repair.

When investigating liability for the collision, the adjuster may try to get the claimant to sign an authorization releasing their medical records to Nationwide. The adjuster also may request a recorded statement with the claimant. It is wise for someone injured in a car accident to contact a Florida attorney rather than trying to deal with Nationwide Insurance on their own.

The adjuster could try to use the individual’s records or statement to put the validity of their claim in question. The adjuster’s primary goal is to settle the claim as quickly as possible with as little impact on the company’s revenue as they can. This may result in an injured party accepting a lowball offer that is worth much less than they are actually owed and before they receive the full treatment their injuries require.

Why It Is Important to Speak with a Lawyer First

By speaking with an attorney as soon as possible following a Florida wreck, the claimant can receive an honest assessment of the viability of their claim and what damages they may be eligible to receive. A Florida attorney with extensive knowledge of Nationwide’s process for dealing with car accident claims could give the injured party a good chance at securing fair compensation. Overall, Kogan & DiSalvo can help someone navigate the complex legal system and claim all financial damages for which they are eligible.

Getting Money Damages Following a Car Accident

In Florida, an injured person filing a claim with Nationwide Insurance could recover several types of money damages in a case settlement. Compensation may include lost wages, property damage expenses, hospital bills, and treatment costs. If the claimant suffers injuries to the point that their ability to earn a living is impacted, they could claim damages for their future lost income as well. A claimant also may be able to pursue financial compensation for their pain and suffering and emotional trauma caused by the accident.

Call a Florida Attorney for Help Handling Nationwide Insurance Following a Car Wreck

It is essential to retain a qualified attorney if you are dealing with Nationwide Insurance after an accident in Florida. An attorney can protect your legal interests and work hard to secure full and fair recovery of your accident damages. Schedule your free consultation with an attorney from Kogan & DiSalvo today.

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