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Dealing with State Farm Insurance after an Accident in Florida

The main priority at State Farm Insurance is their bottom line. When your injury claim gets in the way of their profits, you cannot expect them to put your interests first.

Dealing with State Farm Insurance after an accident in Florida can be overwhelming and confusing. However, there is no need to face this auto insurance company alone. By working with a dedicated personal injury attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo, you could fight back against unfair claim denials. With our help, you could get the compensation you need for all of your losses.

Understanding State Farm Auto Insurance

Like most insurance companies in Florida, State Farm Insurance takes an aggressive approach in dealing with injury claims following serious car accidents. Instead of assigning a single adjuster to a case, they use teams of adjusters to limit State Farm’s potential liability.

These teams go to work on day one to resolve these claims for as little as they can. In many cases, their efforts are successful in causing a complete denial of valid injury claims. Given what is at stake in these cases, it is vital to avoid any missteps that could put a claim at risk.

The Importance of Contacting Legal Counsel Early in the Process

Because of the immediate and aggressive strategies utilized by State Farm, an injured driver could benefit from contact legal counsel as early in the process as possible. State Farm Insurance knows this, which is why they often attempt to settle a case with a driver before they can hire an attorney. Their hope is that the claimant accepts an inadequate settlement before a lawyer advises them otherwise.

There are other reasons why contacting an attorney sooner rather than later is important. Insurance companies frequently contact an injured driver immediately following a crash and push them to provide a recorded statement. Although they might make this statement seem mandatory, there is no requirement for a person to speak directly to an insurance adjuster.

One of the most significant benefits of working with an experienced attorney is allowing them to serve as an advocate. By dealing directly with the insurance company, they could help prevent you from making any statements that could jeopardize your case.

There are several advantages of avoiding a direct conversation with an insurance company other than evading an unfair settlement offer. These adjusters look for inconsistent statements and sometimes push individuals to say something against their interest, regardless of whether it is true or not. By having a lawyer deal with State Farm Insurance, an injured party in Florida is not at risk for having their words used against them in their car accident claim.

Finally, an attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo also could help prevent State Farm Insurance from delaying a claim. Large insurance companies can afford to sit on claims for years, but that is not the case for many people. A lawyer could push this company to resolve the claim in a timely manner and avoid harmful delays.

How a Florida Attorney Could Help with a State Farm Insurance Accident Claim

Dealing with State Farm Insurance after an accident in Florida is something that no individual should have to do alone. Despite their friendly demeanor, these insurance adjusters are not your friend. Their singular purpose is to save the insurance company money.

You can rely on a skilled injury attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo to guide you through the claims process. Call today to talk about your legal options in a free case consultation.

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