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Social security benefits can be denied by making mistakes as simple as leaving a box unchecked on a form—and that is just the one of the many things that could go wrong against the would-be beneficiary.

However, experienced legal assistance provided by a skilled attorney could help ensure benefits are awarded to you. Contact Delray Beach social security lawyers today.

Social Security Administration

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) looks carefully at eligibility, the calculation of retirement benefits, cases of survivor benefits, and suspected fraudulent claims with a by-the-book regimen.

The enormous bureaucracy of over 65,000 civil service employees is also cluttered with red tape that, for the average person who has little experience with the organization, may be difficult to comprehend and even harder to effectively navigate.

Social Security Denials

Denials of social security benefits are usually based on failing to properly submit the necessary documentation, not meeting the requirements set down by the Social Security Administration, or inadequate proof of the legal ability to receive benefits. Eligibility is the first hurdle that a would-be social security beneficiary must jump. To claim benefits, a person must have paid into the system for at least 10 years.

A person may claim retirement benefits at age 62, but such an early retirement reduces the number of monthly benefits, which are based on the person’s lifetime income. Currently, retirement age is set at 67 – a two-year increase from the previous age of 65.

Individuals who are not U.S. citizens can be denied social security benefits unless they meet one of several criteria for non-citizens. Because of computer or human error, the calculated monthly benefit is sometimes less or more than allowed by SSA rules. Payments may also be wrong because the beneficiary has not informed the SSA about late income, non-reported income, or a death. Speak with a Delray Beach social security lawyer to learn more.

Survivor Denials

The spouse of a deceased social security beneficiary may claim survivor benefits. However, if the spouse has met the eligibility requirements and paid into the system, the surviving spouse cannot claim both benefits—only the highest of the two.

Unmarried children younger than 18 years of age may also receive benefits from their deceased beneficiary if they are full-time students. Grandchildren, adopted children, and step-children may also receive benefits under some circumstances.

The Social Security Administration’s inspector general reported in 2017 that more than 100,000 survivors have not received everything from the SSA to which they are entitled.

Fraudulent Claims

Theft of a beneficiary’s identity is the most common act of social security fraud. However, applicants making false claims for benefits, concealing earnings that should have been reported, or providing statements that are inaccurate or false also can result in the denial of benefits and criminal prosecution. Contact Delray Beach social security lawyers to learn more about fraudulent claims.

Speak With Delray Beach Social Security Attorneys Today

Those who are not comfortable dealing with all the rules and the mass of paperwork to achieve benefits, and especially those who have been denied benefits, should promptly seek Delray Beach social security lawyers for help.

Dedicated attorneys could collect all the necessary information, resolve mistakes and conflicting information, and accurately prepare all required documents for you. They could also represent your interest in the appeals process to secure your benefits to the best of their ability.

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