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My Insurance Company Denied My Florida Car Accident Claim – What Now? 

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If your insurance company denied your Florida car accident claim, it helps to determine why and use their reasoning to file an appeal. They are profit-driven businesses and will look for every legal and technical loophole available to them. If they decide you can’t get paid under any coverage, you can dispute their decision with skilled representation. When you work with our team from Kogan & DiSalvo, we use our extensive knowledge of insurance companies to fight for your right to fair compensation. Contact us for a free consultation. We can review your policy and the circumstances of your accident and determine how we can help 

Why Do Insurance Claims Get Denied? 

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When you are injured in a car accident, you reasonably expect your claim to be approved. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As noted above, insurance companies are for-profit businesses. They are reluctant to pay out and often deny claims for a variety of reasons. 

In Florida, when an insurance company denies a claim, they are required by law to provide the policyholder with written notification of the denial and its reason. It helps individuals understand why their claim was denied and how to appeal it or take further action to receive compensation.  

Common reasons for denial include:  

  • Improper Filing. In some cases, insurance companies may deny claims due to a failure on the part of the policyholder to meet specific requirements outlined in their contract or policy documents, including failing to provide evidence of injuries sustained during an accident or failing to follow particular procedures when filing a claim. 
  • Suspicion of Fraud. Additionally, insurers may deny claims if they suspect fraud; for example, if they believe that false information was provided to support a claim to receive a higher amount of compensation. 
  • Dispute over the Severity of Injuries. Insurance companies may also deny claims because they believe the victim’s medical treatment exceeds what is necessary for them to cover. Alternatively, insurers may refuse coverage due to preexisting conditions the claimant didn’t disclose or any other fine print limitations specified in the policy. 
  • Repeated denials of the claim. Insurers have been known to deny claims because they hope their customers will give up trying after being repeatedly denied coverage. Claimants might simply accept whatever amount is offered without challenging it further, especially if the victim doesn’t have representation. 

Can I Appeal a Denied Claim?  

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Our team of Florida auto accident attorneys knows how insurance companies work and are familiar with their strategies to deny claims or limit payouts—and we know how to fight back against them. In addition to advocating on your behalf during negotiations with insurers or at trial (if necessary), we will also advise you on all aspects of your case so that there are no surprises along the way. We will also do our best to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible so that you can get back on track after being unfairly denied compensation from an insurance company. 

Contact Us at Kogan & DiSalvo for a Free Consultation 

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If your insurance company has denied your car accident claim, you have the right to hire representation and file an appeal. Many car insurance claims are initially denied but injured accident victims could recover the compensation they deserve with the help of an experienced attorney. You don’t have to interact with your insurance company on your own. Trust that our team at Kogan & DiSalvo has the knowledge and skill to ensure you are treated fairly. Schedule a free consultation; we work on a contingency basis, so there are no upfront legal fees.  

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