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My Own Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement – What Should I Do?

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Under Florida law, you are not required to give a recorded statement after a car accident—even to your own insurance company. However, your insurance policy likely requires you to notify them of an accident and to cooperate in their investigation. This is true even if you do not intend to pursue a claim with your carrier.

If you’ve been hurt due to no fault of your own in a car accident, contact us at Kogan & DiSalvo. We are ready to help you with dealing with your insurer because we leverage decades of experience representing personal injury victims throughout Southeast Florida. Our goal is to help clients get their lives back on track with minimal disruption or inconvenience. Contact us for a free case evaluation; we can help you decide what to say and what not to say to your insurance company.

You Do Not Have to Give a Statement to Your Insurance Company

You can expect to hear from multiple parties following a car accident, including your own insurance company, to give a statement. Your adjuster might imply a statement is mandatory or that your claim cannot be processed until you comply. However, no law currently requires you to provide a written or recorded statement after an accident, but policy provisions may require it.

In addition, there are many reasons to avoid giving a recorded statement—even to your insurance company. They are not on your side and will take steps to avoid paying what is owed on your claim. When you provide a recorded statement to your insurance company, you could be handing them the tools they need to deny your claim. Insurance companies are not above taking statements out of context and then using them to justify rejecting a claim for benefits.

You do have to report your accident to your insurance company

A woman outside of her car texting after an accident

While you do not have to give a recorded statement under the law, your insurance policy likely requires you to notify your insurance company of an accident. This is true even if you do not intend to pursue a claim with your carrier. However, this is not as complicated as a recorded statement, as you will give them the facts about the accident and nothing else.

Giving a statement might be worth it in some cases

Sometimes, your insurance company might need additional information to resolve your claim. While you should never assume they are acting in your best interest, it might be necessary to provide further details to move your case along. In these situations, making a statement might be helpful. However, before you do that, speak to an attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo. They can review your case and advise you on whether or not it’s wise to make a statement. They can also prepare you for what to expect and how to avoid being misquoted or avoid having your words taken out of context.

Never Give a Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

You may have reasons to speak with your insurance company after an accident. However, you do not have to talk to the insurance provider for the other driver. This company has no obligation to you whatsoever and is not bound to provide you with benefits. You can count on this company using your statement against you. Therefore, it is best to avoid discussing your case with them.

Dealing with opposing insurance companies is one of the ways an attorney could help. When an attorney advocates on your behalf, you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Insurance companies are also less likely to attempt bullying tactics when an attorney is on your side.

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After a car accident, it’s important to remember that you have the right to confer with legal counsel before deciding what you say to your insurance company. A skilled and experienced attorney can provide clear insight about giving a recorded statement to your insurance company. Our team at Kogan & DiSalvo is ready to help you deal with every aspect of your insurance claim. Reach out for a free consultation with a Florida car accident lawyer. When you need a full-service law firm that takes cases on a contingency basis, you can depend on us.

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