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The surgical product to repair an internal rupture called a hernia, is a mesh, which is made of different materials. Sometimes the mesh fails to do its job because of some kind of defect or medical mistake.

When that happens, the patient may have grounds for a civil personal injury/product liability lawsuit to achieve compensation. Fort Lauderdale hernia mesh lawyers are highly experienced in this area of law and have a record of achieving maximum compensation for patients who have suffered this failure. Get in touch with a skilled injury attorney today.

Common Hernia Causes

Many hernias are caused when pressure pushes an organ or tissue through a weak place in tissue or muscle. The muscle weakness may be from birth but usually occurs in later life, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A hernia is evidenced by a bulge in the skin, most often in the abdominal wall. Specific causes are lifting or pushing heavy objects, overexertion that can reduce the strength of muscles, obesity, constipation, diarrhea, unrelenting sneezing or coughing, poor nutrition, and smoking, according to the FDA.

Hernias occur in the inner groin (Inguinal), outer groin (Femoral), abdominal wall (Ventral), upper portion of the stomach (Hiatal), at the navel (Umbilical), and through an incision or scar in the abdomen (Inguinal).

Infections and bowel obstruction are common to hernia mesh issues.

Surgical Mesh Design

Designed to provide support to damaged or weakened tissues, the surgical mesh is constructed of synthetic materials or animal tissue. The mesh comes in knitted or non-knitted sheets. Synthetics can either be able to absorb or not, or a mix of both, depending on the circumstance.

Some non-absorbing synthetic implants stay in the body permanently. Absorbable mesh can degrade over time and new tissue can maintain the repair.

Repairs of hernia mesh are common surgical practices. Every year in the U.S., surgeons repair more than one million ruptures, and about 800,000 of those are repairing hernias caused by incisions or scaring of the abdomen, according to the FDA.

Mesh Recalls

Complications have led to certain brands of hernia mesh to be recalled. Complications that most often lead to recall, according to the FDA, are reoccurrences, infection, pain, bleeding, obstructions, perforation, and failing adhesion. The FDA has been criticized for not recalling some hernia mesh products.

Obtaining Damages

The attorney will calculate all the expenses and demand compensation from the company that made the mesh.

Damages can include the costs of replacing the failed mesh with a proven product and the associated medical costs such as medicines, pre- and post-doctor visits, any loss of income while recovering, pain and suffering, emotional and mental distress. Others may apply depending upon the circumstances.

If the case is settled instead of going to trial, the lawyer is highly experienced at negotiating with the insurance carrier an amount of damages that the individual deserves.

Role of a Fort Lauderdale Hernia Mesh Attorney

Anyone who has experienced hernia mesh failure should immediately arrange for a free consultation with a Fort Lauderdale hernia mesh lawyer. The attorney, who has worked many of these cases, will evaluate the situation and gauge if a personal injury lawsuit is viable.

With the patient’s permission, the attorney can determine the type and brand of mesh used through medical records and use highly trained hernia specialists to testify about the technical aspects of material and design of the mesh used.

There is no charge for the consultation nor any obligation to hire the attorney. The lawyer’s fee is paid from the damages achieved. Contact today.

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