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Fort Lauderdale Hip Replacement Lawyer

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Hip replacements have helped many people achieve greater mobility, but the procedure has risks and some hip replacement components have failed over time, causing the patient pain and additional expenses.

A Fort Lauderdale hip replacement lawyer knows the pitfalls of hip replacements and has achieved damages for many people who suffered from defective hip replacement products. Contact a dedicated injury lawyer for assistance in your case today.

Types of Products

Damaged areas of the hip joint are removed during surgery and replaced by an artificial joint made from ceramic, hard plastic, or metal in the shape of a ball that is inserted into the hip.

Many manufactured hip joints are made from polished ceramic or metal that are fitted into a hard-plastic cup liner.

Metal liners were once commonly used, but the metal-to-metal contact could send dust into the blood causing bone inflammation, groin pain, tissue death, and erosion of bone. Metal-to-metal hip joints last longer but are not often used today.

Hip Replacement Product Recalls

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rarely used its recall authority to take hip joint replacement devices off the market. Yet, several manufacturers have voluntarily withdrawn their products after patient complaints and others have been successfully sued for damages.

Hip implants using femoral head made of ceramic zirconia have been recalled by the FDA because they are disposed to fracturing requiring additional surgery.

Companies that have had trouble with hip replacements include Biomet, Stryker Orthopedics, DePuy Orthopaedics, and Zimmer Inc.

Hip Replacement Risks

The medically acceptable risks associated with this surgery are blood clotting, infection, fractures, dislocation of the hip joint, different length of the leg on the new hip joint, and the joint becoming loose, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Role of a Hip Replacement Attorney

A Fort Lauderdale hip replacement lawyer will take several steps in building a case. The lawyer will:

  • Subpoena the medical records detailing the prognosis and the surgery to determine if any procedures were violated
  • Depose under penalty of perjury those associated with the product’s manufacture and its use
  • Subpoena the manufacturer’s records to determine if design or material flaws contributed to the injury
  • Anticipate the available defenses and becl prepared to counter them
  • Retain hip replacement experts to provide technical reviews of the product and its installation and to testify on the individual’s behalf and rebut the defense’s theory of the case
  • Calculate the monetary damages involved, including any necessary surgery to repair or replace the failed hip joint, as well as non-economic damages including pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and others that apply

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Hip Replacement Attorney Today

A Fort Lauderdale hip replacement lawyer, who is passionate about securing justice for those harmed, will be the injured individual’s voice in aggressively presenting the technical case and its human side to a jury.

If the hip replacement defendant is able to settle the case out of court, the attorney will assertively work to achieve the amount of damages that is satisfactory to the victim.

The attorney offers a free consultation to evaluate if a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer of the hip replacement device can achieve damages, explain the applicable law and the legal process in easy to understand language, and answer questions.

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