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Fort Lauderdale Talcum Powder Lawyer

Johnson & Johnson’s talcum power is alleged as a probable cause of ovarian cancer in women who regularly used the product over time on their genitals, and a number of lawsuits have achieved significant damages for plaintiffs.

Women who used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder regularly and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer need to take advantage of the Fort Lauderdale talcum powder lawyer’s free, no-obligation consultation.

The victim or their surviving families can learn if they have a viable lawsuit and will not be charged attorney fees to take their cases to court. The Fort Lauderdale attorney’s fees are paid from the damages won, and fees are not charged if damages are not awarded.

Talcum Powder Cases in Court

Talcum powder cases allege that Johnson & Johnson was negligent in making and selling baby powder because the company knew there were potential health risks and failed to warn users about the risk. The company is also accused of breaching the product’s implied warranty.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require warning labels on cosmetic products and considers baby powder to be a cosmetic. Johnson & Johnson has a label that says “for external use only” and the powder is not to be inhaled.

As there are many plaintiffs from all over the nation, the cases may be handled as a mass tort, with the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale talcum powder lawyer. Legal expenses are less because attorneys can share information and resources.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2017 ruled 8-1 in favor of companies by overturning lower courts that allowed plaintiffs from various states to sue a company in another state, restricting mass tort jurisdiction.

Science Behind Talcum Powder

Talcum power is made from the mineral talc, which is composed of silicon, magnesium, oxygen, and hydrogen. The baby powder may have contained asbestos, now a known carcinogen, until that material was banned in 1970.

Plaintiffs allege that talc can travel from the vagina or sanitary napkins to the ovaries, where it becomes embedded. The body has difficulty removing a natural mineral’s particles causing inflammation and potentially forming cancerous tumors.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer stated talc used on genitals is possibly carcinogenic. The American Cancer Society says it is not certain that talc causes ovarian cancer.

One of the first studies suggesting talc used regularly increased ovarian cancer occurrence by about 30 percent was published in 1982 by Dr. Daniel Cramer, a reproductive biology, obstetrics, and gynecology professor at Harvard Medical School. He testified as an expert saying that talc is a potent inflammatory agent, and inflammation makes people more vulnerable to cancer. Other studies say the link is not strong.

Frequency of Talcum Powder Cases

Litigants have filed about 2,000 talcum powder cases against Johnson & Johnson. Several cases have seen various amounts for damage awards.

A jury in Los Angeles in August 2017 awarded a woman a total of $417 million, with $347 million of that in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson for acting egregiously. Juries determine how much to award, so amounts differ, and defendants can appeal the court’s decision and the amount of damages.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Talcum Powder Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talc products, then do not hesitate to contact a Fort Lauderdale talcum powder lawyer who is well-versed in product safety law and has a record of achieving full and fair damages for those harmed

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