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Accidents at a commercial or residential property have the potential to be quite severe. Electrocutions from faulty or exposed wires, falls down broken stairways, and trips from uneven sidewalks can leave someone in need of significant medical care and recovery. Additionally, the costs associated with this treatment may be substantial, resulting in serious financial pressures on the injured party.

Personal injury lawsuits filed against negligent property owners may provide injured plaintiffs with monetary compensation for the cost of their medical treatment and other expenses. An experienced Lake Worth premises liability lawyer at Kogan & DiSalvo could assist injured parties in obtaining such compensation.

What are the Legal Obligations of Property Owners in Lake Worth?

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Property owners who invite or allow others onto their property have certain legal obligations to maintain their premises to avoid putting these visitors at risk of harm. This duty includes taking the time to perform reasonably thorough and regular inspections of their property to look for dangers and hazards. If a proprietor finds any dangerous conditions, they must warn their guests of this hazard and take steps to fix it.

Dangerous property conditions may include defective stairways or sharp nails embedded in carpeting.  If the property has a pool or another feature that may entice children to come onto the property, the owner also must take reasonable steps to prevent injury to those children.

When a property owner fails to fulfill these duties, any person injured as a result may file a lawsuit against them. If evidence shows the plaintiff’s injuries are the result of the defendant’s failure to fulfill their legal obligations, then the claimant may be eligible to receive compensation. Our knowledgeable attorneys in Lake Worth could help an injured party file a premises liability claim against a negligent property owner.

Receiving Compensation in a Premises Liability Case

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Once a plaintiff files their lawsuit against a defendant, it may take several months or longer before that suit concludes. During this time, the defendant may make a settlement offer to the plaintiff.

With a settlement offer, the owner or proprietor provides the claimant a specific sum of compensation in exchange for a dismissal of their case. While settlements may provide a swift resolution to a plaintiff’s case, they may not provide the claimant with a full or fair amount of compensation. As a result, an injured party should review any settlement offers with a Lake Worth property liability attorney before accepting one.

Cases that do not settle may proceed to a trial. At a trial, a judge or jury determines whether the plaintiff’s evidence shows that the defendant violated their duties toward the claimant and if they suffered some injury or loss as a result. If so, the judge or jury then decides what amount of compensation the plaintiff needs for the harm they sustained.

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You do not need to carry the burden of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses you incurred after an injury on another person’s property. Our Lake Worth premises liability lawyers could assist you in recovering compensation from the property’s owner who failed in their legal duty of care. Talk with Kogan & DiSalvo today to discuss your case.

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