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Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

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Motorcycles, cars, trucks and all other types of vehicles need to share the road responsibly. While motorcycle riders often have to deal with a reputation for reckless driving, motorists in passenger vehicles are in fact frequently the cause of car vs. motorcycle accidents. As a driver, you can prevent getting in accidents with motorcycles by following’s safety tips for motorists:

  • Expect that there are motorcycles on the roadway. Anticipating their presence is a good way to avoid being surprised.
  • Provide the motorcycle with the full width of the lane. Even though they don’t take up the whole lane, they have a right to it. If you’re passing a motorcycle, don’t try to share their lane. Doing so is dangerous and they probably won’t be expecting it.
  • Check your blind spots when you change lanes. It’s a fact: motorcycles can be hard to spot. They can easily be out of view in your blind spot. Check over your shoulder to make sure it’s clear.
  • Double check before you turn. At intersections, stop signs and especially when making a left turn across oncoming traffic, make sure to double check for motorcycles.
  • Provide motorcycles with proper following distance. Just like with other vehicles, tailgating a motorcycle can be dangerous. Allow a four-second following distance.
  • Don’t drive distracted. Using a phone, texting and looking away from the roadway can lead to a severe accident. Distracted driving is a major source of accidents these days.

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By exercising proper care and being attentive drivers, we can all do our part to prevent motorcycle accidents and the devastating injuries they cause.

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