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Being involved in a cycling crash could be devastating for both you and your family. After suffering severe injury, you may be unable to work and need costly medical treatment.

Fortunately, an experienced North Palm Beach bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help you seek the compensation you need to move forward with your recovery. While filing a legal claim for bike accident injuries can be daunting, a dedicated personal injury lawyer could provide the guidance and support you need to fight for a favorable outcome.

Damages Available to Injured Bicyclists

Cyclists are at an increased risk for incurring serious injuries on the road. Because bike riders tend to have little protection, a crash or collision often results in road rash, broken bones, head trauma, and internal injuries.

Unfortunately, the impact of even minor injuries could be costly. Depending on the extent of injuries, for example, people might require long-term medical care. Furthermore, they may also suffer from a loss of productivity or workability, which might negatively impact a person’s financial stability.

As a result, an injured cyclist can request compensation for lost wages, medical bills, hospital stays, surgery and other economic costs. By working with an experienced lawyer, injured riders could have help in assessing the extent of their damages to request fair compensation a claim.

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Determining Liability in a Bike Crash Case

Whether an injured bicyclist wore a helmet at the time of an accident is often a question in injury cases. However, Florida law only requires bike helmets for riders who are 16 and under. Despite this statute, evidence that a bicyclist of any age failed to wear their helmet might impact the extent of their recovery during a legal claim. Because of this, potential defendants may argue that a victim’s recovery should be reduced under the state’s negligence law.

Essentially, Florida operates under a rule known as comparative negligence, which states that victims whose own actions contributed to their injuries may have their compensation reduced by their assigned portion of fault. However, the rule does not limit compensation altogether for victims who are partially at-fault, even if they are more at fault than the negligent party.

Instead, Florida law generally allows plaintiffs to seek compensation from all parties who share in the fault of a wreck. Due to these nuances, anyone injured in a cycling crash might benefit from the counsel of a North Palm Beach bicycle accident attorney who has experience navigating claims of comparative negligence.

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No matter the circumstances that lead to a cycling collision, a compassionate North Palm Beach bicycle accident lawyer could help to clarify your legal options if you were injured while riding a bike. Before you decide how best to move forward with an injury claim, it may be beneficial to understand the potential damages, as well as the full extent of your loses.

By helping you to understand what may be eligible in a claim, a well-versed attorney could work to ensure that a claim accurately reflects the extent of injuries. Reach out to our legal team at Kogan & DiSalvo today to begin working towards a favorable resolution.

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