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Pompano Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer

Individuals who suffer harm in a slip and fall accident may find themselves facing severe injuries that require considerable medical treatment. Slip or trip and falls may not be accidents at all. Instead, careless property maintenance or reckless disregard by property owners may be the reason why these premises liability incidents occur.

In these situations, the Pompano Beach slip and fall lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo could help. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could guide injured parties throughout the claims process and work to protect their right to recover compensation.

Elements of a Slip and Fall Claim

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Slips and falls typically happen because of the presence of some obstacle or hazard. These dangerous conditions may include a slippery floor from water or a spilled liquid, a broken staircase, or an uneven, cracked sidewalk. While these dangers may arise with little notice, property owners still have the responsibility to regularly check for tripping hazards and take action when they are discovered.

Injured individuals may have the legal right to bring a lawsuit against an owner if they slip and fall on a property and suffer harm as a result. Through a lawsuit, an injured plaintiff may be eligible to receive financial damages for the expenses and other harm they endured. The following considerations may control whether a plaintiff may be eligible to recover damages:

  • Whether the plaintiff was trespassing at the time of the injury
  • What measures the property owner took to locate dangers
  • The nature of the slip hazard and whether it was readily apparent
  • Any carelessness on the part of the injured person

Additionally, a plaintiff must produce witness testimony and evidence that shows it is more likely than not that their slip and fall injuries would not have happened except for the property owner’s careless disregard of the tripping hazard. Our injury attorneys in Pompano Beach could provide helpful assistance in meeting this evidentiary burden in a slip and fall case.

Available Compensation in a Pompano Beach Trip and Fall Cases

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Injured plaintiffs whose cases are successful may recover monetary damages to help address their medical costs, including any expenses incurred due to hospitalization as well as any necessary follow-up treatment. If a plaintiff cannot work because of their injuries or recovery, then they also may receive compensation for these lost wages.

A successful claimant may receive damages for intangible harm they sustained as well. Noneconomic damages may include monetary restitution for physical pain and discomfort, mental trauma and suffering, and not being able to participate in activities as they had before the accident.

Compensation for both present and future losses related to a trip and fall accident are possible as well. To recover such restitution, the plaintiff must again provide evidence and testimony that the amount they are requesting addresses their expenses and losses fairly. A Pompano Beach lawyer could work with slip and fall claimants to calculate and pursue adequate compensation.

Contact Our Pompano Beach Slip and Fall Attorney for Help

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After suffering harm from a trip and fall incident, you may face considerable costs and a prolonged recovery, depending on the severity of your injuries. Take steps to provide for you and your family’s needs by speaking to the Pompano Beach slip and fall lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo about your case.

Our legal team could assist you in obtaining evidence, calculating the compensation you require, and protecting your rights through the filing of a lawsuit. For more information on how to pursue your claim, schedule a free consultation today.

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