The Three Major Types of Product Liability Claims

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The Three Major Types of Product Liability Claims

Sustaining injuries from a defective product can be a frightening experience, leaving you with more questions than answers. What do you do? Who can be held responsible? Is there someone you can turn to?

Fortunately, the defective product attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo are here for you. To help you better understand your case, here are the three major types of product liability claims that our lawyers handle for clients in the Boca Raton area:

  • Design defect: A design defect claim alleges that the original design of a product is defective or unsafe. This can include faulty blueprints, instructions on how to make the device or engineering.
  • Manufacturing defect: A manufacturing defect claim alleges that the manufacturer of a product deviated from the product’s design specifications, ultimately causing harm to consumers.
  • Failure to warn: A failure to warn claim alleges that the creator of a product did not adequately warn customers about the risks associated with the product. This can include a failure to warn consumers about choking hazards, small parts or harmful substances that may have been used in the making of the product.types of product liability design defect, manufacturing defect, failure to warn