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Statistics released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show there were a total of 388,032 car crashes in Florida in 2017. Of these, 3,451 of them involved bicycles and resulted in 78 fatalities. Even when bicyclists wear protective gear such as helmets, severe injuries and death can occur when they are in an accident with a motor vehicle. These injuries can have negative impacts on your lifestyle and finances. Experienced Vero Beach bicycle accident lawyers could help you or a loved one recover your damages if you are the victim of a bike accident that occurred because of someone else’s careless or reckless driving. Kogan & DiSalvo’s dedicated personal injury lawyers could help you put together a strong case against the defendant to prove their negligence and hold them financially accountable.

Common Causes of Vero Beach Bike Crashes

Drivers need to be especially cognizant of bicyclists on the road. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. A common cause of bicycle accidents is driver inattentiveness. Even a quick glance at a cell phone or reaching down to pick up something that fell can cause a driver to hit someone on their bike. Driving carefully to ensure the safety of all people sharing the road requires a high level of attention.

Other causes of bike crashes are aggressive or careless driving. This includes excessive speed. Both drivers of vehicles and bicyclists should pay close attention to their speed. Drivers should not exceed the posted speed limit and both drivers and bicyclists may need to adjust their speed due to weather or road conditions.

Some drivers may drive too closely to bicyclists, which could cause a crash if the cyclist stops suddenly or if the driver pushes a cyclist off the road. Drivers should give bicyclists a minimum of three feet from the widest point of their vehicle and the bicycle.

At intersections or when merging lanes, drivers often forget to watch for bicyclists and what they may be doing. Drivers may fail to see bikers or yield the right-of-way at merging lanes, which can result in a collision.

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Statute of Limitations for Bicycle Cases

After a bicycle accident, victims have a set amount of time to file a civil lawsuit. This time limit is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations. Lawsuits for bicycle accidents must be filed within four years from the date of the accident, according to Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a) (2016).

The statute of limitations prevents potential defendants from having to worry about a claimant filing a lawsuit against them many years from the date of the accident. It also helps ensure the lawsuit is based on recent evidence. Kogan and DiSalvo’s Bicycle accident lawyers could help plaintiffs in Vero Beach file their lawsuit in time to prevent being barred from recovery.

Letting Vero Beach Bicycle Accident Attorneys Help

After a bicycle accident, you may feel overwhelmed between recovering from injuries, paying for medical bills, losing time from work, and taking legal action. Knowledgeable Vero Beach bicycle accident lawyers from Kogan & DiSalvo could review the circumstances surrounding your accident and explain your legal rights and options.

If your case has merit, we could send a strong demand letter to the parties at fault for your accident. If this letter does not yield a fair settlement offer, we could take your case before a jury with the goal of obtaining a fair compensation for your financial and physical damages. Call our law office today for a free consultation.

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