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Hit-and-run accidents jumped by 17 percent in 2021, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). Hit and skips can be deadly, especially if the vehicle hits pedestrians and bicyclists—who are more likely to suffer a fatality. If you or a loved one have been injured in a hit and run, a car accident attorney in Vero Beach at Kogan & DiSalvo can help you secure your legal rights.   

We can navigate complex issues such as investigating the accident to determine liability, tracking down the driver, and communicating with insurance companies to recover monetary damages. Our goal is to hold the driver accountable, but if that is not possible, seek other sources to obtain compensation so that you can rebuild your life. Call us for a free consultation to learn more. 

Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Counsel In a Hit-and-Run Accident 

Woman in a car after an accident holding her forehead in pain

The driver in a hit-and-run has broken the law by driving recklessly, failing to stay at the accident scene, and failing to render aid to the injured. The victim or witnesses can give the police the following information to help track down the driver

  • The make and model of the car 
  • The exact location of the accident 
  • What part of the car hit your car 
  • The direction the vehicle was driving as it sped away. 

What Happens If the Hit-and-Run Driver Is Apprehended? 

A black car with extensive damage from a side impact accident

Police and prosecutors represent the State of Florida, not you as an individual. If the driver is identified and apprehended, law enforcement punishes the driver to protect the public. However, a Vero Beach car accident lawyer advocates for you. They can bring a civil lawsuit against the hit-and-run driver for the damages you’ve sustained. 

However, the criminal case is important because it will take a reckless driver off the road, provide peace of mind, and strengthen your civil case. When you retain a lawyer, they will monitor the progress of the criminal case against the driver. Infractions such as impaired or distracted driving are helpful in your civil suit because they are evidence of negligence.  

What to do After a Hit and Run Accident in Vero Beach If They Don’t Find the Driver 

Insurance agent and car owner signing paperwork for an accident claim on the hood of a car

In some hit-and-runs, the negligent driver is never found. However, you still have options. Florida is a no-fault state. You can file a claim with your own auto insurance company. You can also review your policy to see if you purchased uninsured/underinsured coverage. It should provide compensation if you are injured in a hit-and-run. However, working with insurance companies can be complicated, and it is best left to your lawyer to negotiate for maximum coverage up to the limits of your policy.  

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Our team at Kogan & DiSalvo has deep roots in the communities of Vero Beach, Indian River County, and Eastern Florida. We have years of experience working with law enforcement, government authorities, insurance companies, and the court system. While you focus on regaining your health, we’ll monitor the criminal investigation and advocate for you in a civil suit to recover money damages. We could also negotiate with your insurance company if the driver isn’t found. Contact us today for a free consultation. There is no obligation to hire us, and since we work on a contingency basis, there are no upfront legal fees.  

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