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Individuals may file premises liability suits in Vero Beach when they suffer some injury due to a hazard present on another person’s property. Whether the plaintiff suffered a tripping accident, electrocution, or any other type of injury, these lawsuits seek to compensate an individual for the damages and financial losses they suffered. Unfortunately, property owners and their insurers may aggressively defend against these claims.

Our Vero Beach premises liability lawyers could be a powerful ally to injured plaintiffs. The Vero Beach personal injury attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo could help plaintiffs establish a defendant’s liability and obtain a judgment against a negligent property owner. This judgment could serve to compensate a plaintiff for any expense, loss, or harm they sustained as a result of their accident.

Property Owner Liability in Vero Beach Cases

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Defendants in premises liability cases are typically property owners or those who occupy and use the property. They may owe a variety of legal duties to plaintiffs, depending on how the claimant came to be on the property. If the owner or occupier invited the plaintiff to visit the property, then the defendant would have legal obligations to make reasonable inspections of their premises. Alternatively, if the claimant was not permitted to be on the defendant’s property at the time of the accident, the property owner may not be legally responsible to safeguard the trespassing plaintiff’s wellbeing.

When a defendant owes a plaintiff a duty to act in some way, and they fail to fulfill this obligation, the property own may be legally responsible for compensating the injured party. This liability, though, does not generally apply if the defendant’s actions did not contribute to the plaintiff’s injuries in some way. Therefore, if the claimant would have suffered the harm they did regardless of what the defendant’s behavior, then a court may not award compensation.

Recoverable Damages in Premises Liability Claims

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Plaintiffs with successful premises liability claims are generally able to recover monetary compensation for most the losses they endured. These damages may include:

  • Emergency room costs and medical treatment expenses
  • Costs of office visits with a primary care physician
  • Counseling or mental health therapy services
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Depression or loss of desire to participate in life activities

If a plaintiff is likely to sustain a related cost or expense in the future, this individual may be able to obtain compensation for these anticipated loses. Therefore, a claimant in a premises liability case should contact a Vero Beach premises liability lawyer who could help determine what amount of compensation to seek.

Settlement Offers

An individual who sustains an injury on another person’s property may receive a settlement offer from the owner or their insurer. While settlements may provide a plaintiff with a compensatory award more quickly, the amount they receive may not adequately cover all of their losses. Our attorneys in Vero Beach could provide a claimant with an objective evaluation of whether a particular offer in a premises liability case is in their best interests.

Reach out to an Experienced Vero Beach Premises Liability Attorney

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If you have suffered injuries on another person’s property, our experienced Vero Beach premises liability lawyers could help. The costs of an accident can add up quickly, and you may have difficulty meeting these expenses. Speak with an attorney at Kogan & DiSalvo today about your rights and legal options.

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