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Car crashes in Zephyrhills are often serious and cause injuries that may require a lifetime of care and result in permanent disabilities. Another car may have sideswiped you on the highway, rear-ended, or T-boned you at an intersection. Suddenly, you are facing pain, uncertainty, and mounting medical bills. The aftermath of a car accident is challenging, especially when another party’s negligence caused it.

You deserve justice, and at Kogan & DiSalvo, we are here to help you pursue it. If you have sustained injuries in a car crash, you may have the right to seek compensation from the liable parties. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys is passionate about fighting for injury victims and their families. A skilled Zephyrhills personal injury attorney could guide you through the entire claims process and work to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.

Overview of Car Accident Cases in Zephyrhills

A woman and a truck accident lawyer with a clipboard examine a crashed truck

Zephyrhills in Pasco County is experiencing an increase in population, which comes with growing pains. With more people traveling and new residents moving here each day, the volume of vehicles on the road continues to grow. The heightened traffic congestion leads to more frequent collisions and amplifies the severity of accidents.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) states that in 2023, there were 7,265 car crashes in Pasco County, with 92 fatalities. Distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving often play a role in these incidents.

When car accidents happen, victims may sustain head trauma, broken bones, or internal bleeding. In some cases, car accident injuries can be so severe that they require a lifetime of care and support. Permanent disabilities, such as paralysis or loss of limb function, can profoundly impact an individual’s ability to perform daily tasks, work, and enjoy life as they once did.

Determining Fault in a Florida Personal Injury Case

Insurance agent and car owner signing paperwork for an accident claim on the hood of a car

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. All motorists are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. The accident victim is typically expected to rely on this to cover medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages, regardless of who caused the accident. However, if they sustain serious injuries and their medical expenses surpass their PIP coverage, they may pursue legal action against the at-fault driver and seek additional compensation.  

Proving Negligence

In most personal injury cases, fault is established based on negligence—defined as someone who fails to exercise reasonable care, harming others. However, the burden is on the injured party (plaintiff) and their attorney to prove these four key elements:

  • Duty of care: The defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff to exercise reasonable care.
  • Breach of duty: The defendant breached this duty by acting negligently or recklessly.
  • Causation: The defendant’s breach of duty directly caused the accident and the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Damages: The plaintiff suffered actual harm or damages due to the breach of duty.

Florida is a Modified Comparative Negligence Jurisdiction

With the enactment of the Florida Tort Reform HB 837, the state transitioned from pure comparative negligence to modified comparative negligence. This change determines how fault is decided and how damages are awarded in personal injury cases. For example, if a plaintiff is deemed more than 50% at fault, they could be barred from recovering any damages from the other party.

Given the complexities and potential consequences, it is crucial for plaintiffs to seek experienced legal representation that can help prove fault and build a compelling case to maximize the plaintiff’s chances of a successful outcome.

How a Zephyrhills Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

A three-car accident with an emergency services vehicle behind

Protect your rights by contacting our seasoned legal team. A Zephyrhills car accident attorney can handle all aspects of your case, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

When you choose our firm, here is what you can expect:

  • Initial Consultation: We begin by answering your questions and providing a comprehensive assessment of your legal options during a free initial consultation.
  • Investigating the Car Accident: We investigate every detail of your accident, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and consult experts to establish liability. Our firm will leverage our extensive network of reputable experts, such as accident reconstructionists, who can provide valuable insight into your case.
  • Gathering Evidence: Building a solid case requires compelling evidence to support your claim. We will collect medical records, police reports, photographs of the accident scene, CCTV footage, and any other relevant documentation that will strengthen your case.

In addition, insurancecompanies are notorious for undervaluing claims and employing tactics to minimize payouts. Our attorneys have extensive experience negotiating with insurance adjusters and will fight tirelessly to ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages. And if negotiations stall, we are prepared to take your case to court. We have a proven track record of success in the courtroom and will aggressively advocate for your rights before a judge and jury.

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim?

In Zephyrhills, Florida, the time limit for filing a personal injury claim, known as the statute of limitations, is generally only two years. It is crucial to be aware of and adhere to this deadline, as failing to file a claim within this period could result in losing your right to pursue legal action.

Kogan & DiSalvo Can Help Car Accident Victims

Firefighters and EMTs loading an injured driver onto a stretcher next to a flipped-over car

As you face financial instability and a long recovery after a car accident, we will carefully assess the damages you have suffered, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, to pursue the fair and reasonable compensation you need to help get your life back on track.

With decades of combined experience, our attorneys possess the knowledge, expertise, and unwavering determination to deliver successful results for our clients. When you choose Kogan & DiSalvo, you are in the hands of one of the premier law firms in Florida. Trust us to provide the support and resources you need to rebuild and recover after a traumatic collision.

Contact our Zephyrhills Car Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation

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At Kogan & DiSalvo, we do not just handle cases; we advocate fiercely for our clients who have sustained injuries in a collision. A Zephyrhills car accident lawyer is the staunch ally you need. Our boutique firm is lean and focused. We leverage our extensive knowledge, real-world experience, and the authority of expert medical and financial witnesses to present your strongest, most compelling case. Reach out to us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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