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Evidence in Boca Raton Car Accident Injury Claims

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Depending on how soon after an accident that a car accident attorney is contacted, they may be able to go to the scene immediately and photograph the scene, the actual crash, and get there to gather evidence before filing a car accident claim. The amount of time that has lapsed between the accident and being contacted will affect what type of evidence they can acquire.

Experienced Boca Raton auto accident attorneys will work hard to collect evidence after a Boca Raton car accident, and ideally be able to get photographs of the vehicles, property damage estimates, and witness statements. There are a number of ways that attorneys can gather evidence including investigators interviews with the witnesses, photographs, police reports, and those types of things. Evidence is very important in an accident case in order for a person to fully get deserved compensation for their accident.

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Types of Evidence

Attorneys are looking for physical evidence, photographs, debris and marks at the scene. If it is a very severe crash, they may get the black box if there is one, and the driver information module that will tell them some things about the operation of the vehicle or the settings of the vehicle immediately before the crash so there is information they can additionally gather.

How long it takes to collect evidence to present to court will depend on whether an expert is needed, and on whether it is just simple photographs of the vehicles. The extent of the evidence that the individual and their attorney need to gather will dictate how long it is going to take.

Importance of Physical Evidence

The importance of physical evidence depends on the type of evidence after a Boca Raton car accident. If the person has got a herniated disc in their neck, they really need the doctor to support it. So it really depends on the injury. Evidence helps but if a person does not have photographs of the damage, depending what the accident is, it is not dispositive, it does not destroy the case.

The more evidence the better because juries are looking for what the accident has done to the body of the individual. They are used to watching CSI and NCIS, so they want to see things, they want to be able to feel, touch, and hold things.

The more a person can show the jury, the better. An individual should not wait till trial to see the evidence because seeing it early will determine whether the evidence necessary to succeed in the trial. This is important because not every single case gets litigated. Some cases just will not hold up under scrutiny.

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Litigation Proceedings

In personal injury litigation, a plaintiff’s life becomes an open book, and so through the discovery process, an attorney will learn as much about the defendant and their defense as possible. They can then use this information as a means to gathering evidence in a Boca Raton car accident case. Such evidence can be efficiently used to build a proper car accident claim.

This information is gathered throughout the discovery process and heavily relies on the compliance of all parties involved. The individuals involved with the case will be answering questions, writing under oath, producing documents, testifying under oath in the deposition, and will be examined by a doctor the defendant’s choosing. It is important that such evidence that is gathered during this stage is used effectively.

If all evidence after a Boca Raton car accident is laid out for both parties and an agreement cannot be reached as to liability, damages, or similar elements, then a jury will be needed to decide that dispute.

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Working with an Attorney

All evidence collected following a car accident in Boca Raton is important until deemed otherwise. It is important for someone to not to get rid of anything that might be of value that might potentially be useful at trial, and to gather as much as they can with the help of an accident attorney and the resources of experts. It is better to err on the side of keeping all evidence, keeping the photographs, keeping the vehicle, keeping the helmet that the person was wearing, or keeping the shoes the person was wearing. Whatever is involved in the accident, it is better to keep it until a determination is made as to whether or not this could be used at trial because once it is lost, a person is not getting it back and if they do not use it, that is better.

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