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Boca Raton Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Vignette of a traffic sign instructing drivers to yield

Failure to yield accidents in Boca Raton are caused by a driver failing to yield the right of way. That means the at-fault driver disregarded traffic control devices such as traffic signals, stop signs, and yield signs, resulting in a failure to yield car accident and leaving an individual injured.

There can be conflict when people are making a right turn on a red light and a driver in another part of the intersection has the right to make a left turn. There may be a traffic signal and someone wants to make a U-turn. However, the person making a right turn has the right of way and the person making the U-turn is supposed to wait until the other vehicle makes its turn. Inherent conflicts can develop and there is a protocol for who has the right of way.

If you have been in an accident due to another’s negligence failing to yield, you may be entitled to recovery of damages with the help of an experienced Boca Raton accident attorney. An attorney can begin your case and fight for your right to compensation.

Common Accidents

Vignette of a head-on car accident at an intersection

Failure to yield accidents in Boca Raton typically occur upon entering roadways or roundabouts where vehicles already have the right of way and vehicles coming into the circle must wait until it is safe to enter the roadway or roundabout. The same thing is true with four-way stop signs. The driver to the right always has the right of way. There are signs in many traffic light intersections for people making U-turns to yield to people making a right turn. It is problematic when people are making U-turns and not yielding to the people who have a green arrow to make an immediate right turn.

If everyone comes to stop sign at a four-way stop sign at the same, the person to the right has the right of way and goes first. Then the person to their right has the right of way. The driver who is at the intersection first has the right of way. A driver may start across the intersection and the car on their right does not stop or does not come to a complete stop and continues on and hits them.

When making left turns across traffic, sometimes drivers fail to yield to vehicles in the intersection. Whoever is in the intersection theoretically has control of the intersection and has the right of safe passage through the intersection. There are people that will not yield properly and cause accidents.

Vignette overhead view of a busy intersection in the city

Right of Way

The right of way is the right of one vehicle to continue on its path ahead of the other vehicles. When there is no stop sign on a street and a driver comes into the intersection, that person has the right of way to continue through the intersection. Usually, there are road signs present in these situations, which may dictate who has the right of way.

When a person must stop because the intersection is controlled by stop signs, there is an order in which the stopped vehicles can proceed. If one person does not have a stop sign and the other person does, the person without a stop sign has the right of way and should be able to continue on. The right of way just means that the hierarchy of traffic control devices dictates who has the right of way, who has the ability to go, and whether the person who hits someone is at fault in a failure to yield accident.

Accident Factors

Traveling into an intersection when there is other traffic is a common factor in failure to yield accidents. Disregarding traffic signals, stop signs, or yield signs are common factors. There are some common concerns to be addressed when investigation accidents.

  • Did the at-fault driver place their vehicle in a place where it should not be under the rules of the road?
  • Did the person run a red light?
  • Did the person blow through a stop sign?
  • Did the person come to a complete stop before making a right turn on red?
  • Was the intersection clear so that the at-fault driver could get through it?

A good percentage of accident insurance claims in Boca Raton involve failure to yield accidents. The insurance companies evaluate them by first verifying that the person is insured. The insurance company tries to determine if the at-fault driver did something wrong to cause the accident. Did they have a stop sign? Or is it a situation where both cars come to a stop sign at the same time, started to proceed, and hit each other? The insurance companies look at the traffic signal and determine if it was red when they entered the intersection or it was yellow and then turned red.

Vignette view of a courtroom from the judge's bench with a gavel in the foreground

Identifying Fault

The biggest issues that come up in failure to yield cases involve traffic lights and timing. Many traffic light intersections or intersections are controlled by traffic lights that are activated by the presence of vehicles. The sequence of the traffic lights is not always automatic, and it can be triggered by the presence of vehicles. When a failure to yield accident occurs in Boca Raton, there may be questions about whether the light was red or green and whether the person used their turn signal. That becomes something that must be investigated and reviewed by officers and by experts. The traffic light sequencing reports must be reviewed to see if they coincide with the facts of the crash and the sequence of the timing of the lights.

The accident report is the primary source for Boca Raton failure to yield attorneys to investigate cases to see who is at fault. Witness statements, looking at the scene, photographs, damage to the cars, and the speed are all considered when investigating a failure to yield case.

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