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Impact of Boca Raton Motorcycle Injuries

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The impact of Boca Raton motorcycle injuries can vary depending on the circumstances. A motorcycle hitting a car at 25 miles an hour could result in horrific injuries, whereas a car impacting another car at the same speed could potentially result in minimal injuries and that is what motorcycle riders have to be aware of. Working with an experienced Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyer in the area will ensure your best chance for recovery should you find yourself in a situation where you’ve been injured.

Varying Degrees of Injury

Motorcycle rider holding a helmet facing a black motorcycle

Generally, the less severe the injury is, the less impact it will have on one’s life going forward. If it is just a mild strain, sprain, or herniated disc that is not causing any radiation of pain or numbness, that will still have an impact. If an individual has severe broken bones that require what is called an “open reduction” or “internal fixation,” surgery with pins and screws, then the long term implications will be greater.

Depending on the nature of the injuries, an individual may not be able to walk or have full use of an arm as it may be so horribly misaligned that they are not the same person. Consider the potential effects of internal injuries as well. An individual could rupture their liver and need a liver transplant; they could lose a kidney or damage their lungs; they could even suffer spinal injuries. If it is a severe spinal injury, there is the possibility of becoming paraplegic or even quadriplegic.

Brain injuries can vary. Sometimes it is a question of a mild concussion, but others, it is so severe that the person needs 24-hour care to attend to personal needs. Generally speaking, if an individual is in a motorcycle crash, the injuries are going to be more severe, more damaging, and longer lasting than if they had been inside a car. Because of the reduced coverage, a motorcycle rider that is involved in a crash where he is ejected from his motorcycle, in all likelihood, is not going to have a minor whiplash-type injury. Rather, he is going to have something of a magnitude much greater that is going to impact him.

Importance of Proper Transport

Firefighters and EMTs loading an injured driver onto a stretcher next to a flipped-over car

When a motorcyclist has an accident and is waiting for medical assistance, the professional emergency response is critical because one does not know the extent of the person’s injuries and moving a person the wrong way after such an accident could result in a worsening of the injuries and possibly create devastating effects.

If a person’s spine is injured but the spinal cord is still intact, proper transport of the patient can possibly result in no further damage. Someone trying to move them off the roadway could cause that spinal cord to be severed.

Emergency care, first responders, and the doctors in emergency rooms are critical because most motorcycle accidents, even on a lower end of speed and damage, are equal to a severe car accident.

Minor Accidents

A woman with a head injury after a motorcycle accident being examined by a police officer

There are very few minor motorcycle accidents. The most common situation involving a minor motorcycle accident is laying down the bike and getting a road rash, which in an of itself is painful though not deadly. Other than that, and comparing a crash of similar speeds of a motorcycle and a standard car, the motorcyclist is going to be much worse off.

The immediate car on the scene and at the hospital is critical because there could be internal injuries, there could be bleeding internally, there could head trauma and any number of other injuries.

How an Attorney Can Help

The impact of Boca Raton motorcycle injuries could unfold over days or years. Once an injured party has been properly medically attended to, one of the most helpful things they can do for themselves is to contact a personal injury lawyer well versed in local law and with years of experience. Such an attorney can guide and advise a client every step of the way as together they work to recover for the damage inflicted.

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