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Steps to Take Following a Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident

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The most important decision to take immediately following a Boca Raton motorcycle accident is to get proper medical attention. The individual should go to the hospital and get checked out to make sure that there are no internal injuries before retaining an experienced Boca Raton motorcycle accident attorney. The motorcycle involved may also need to be saved and preserved in case further investigation is warranted into the totality of the circumstances concerning the crash whether it was just the other vehicle, some defects, or other factors.

When to Contact Insurance

An insurance claims adjuster with a clipboard examining a damaged car

Following a Boca Raton motorcycle accident, it is extremely important to report it to the insurance company as quickly as possible to let them know what is going on. If the individual does not have insurance they should contact a lawyer to help them through the process and if it was not the motorcycle owner’s fault, they will contact the other driver regarding repairs to the motorcycle and, of course, the injury sustained by the motorcyclist.

Role of the Motorcyclists

Person driving a motorcycle through floodwaters on the side of the road

Following a Boca Raton motorcycle accident, the individual should seek medical treatment, preserve the evidence, and have someone deal with this on their behalf so they can concentrate on getting better. The individual should call the police to the scene and retain an experienced motorcycle lawyer. They should absolutely know their blood type, medical information, and emergency contacts because there is a chance for loss of consciousness either momentarily or for an extended period.

If next of kin cannot be reached, that information can expedite their treatment. Emergency contacts are important in case the phone was destroyed upon impact. It is good for everyone to carry but motorcyclists especially because they have a higher incidence of not being communicative after a crash. Having their blood taken and knowing what type it is and having it matched, they can start treating it right away.

Misconceptions About Motorcyclists

Motorcycle rider holding a helmet facing a black motorcycle

Probably, the biggest misconception from non-motorcyclists is that motorcyclists are inherently dangerous and have death wishes on their heads. That is not true. There are a lot of people that are safe motorcycle operators, middle-aged and even higher and even younger people too, that enjoy the feeling of the open road and they operate their motorcycles in a safe and prudent manner but they are compared to all the crazies driving up the highway at 95 or 100 miles an hour.

People think that motorcyclists are careless thrill-seekers who do not care about their own safety, which is untrue. Motorcyclists have the same rights, the same restrictions, the same regulations, and they should be treated with the same respect as if an individual was driving next to a semi-truck or trailer.

They should be afforded the same type of space. They should be given the same type of courtesy. People tend to not do that because they are not a motorcyclist and therefore there is something different about them. That is one major misconception as well.

With motorcycle safety, what car riders do not realize, and especially the car drivers that are not too keen about motorcyclists, are that most of the times, people are going to walk away from a car crash. Most times, they are going to be carried away from a motorcycle crash. It is a person’s life and they should be afforded the same courtesies as if it was a car.

People need to realize that a mistake on the part of the car driver, that misperception, that trying to be polite or trying to get in front of a motorcycle that is trying to cut over too closely can have a devastating effect on that motorcycle rider. An individual just needs to be extra cautious and aware.

Importance of Contacting An Attorney

A gavel laying on top of a legal book in front of scales

A person wants to make sure that everything is done properly following a Boca Raton motorcycle accident. To help the injured victim, help the motorcyclist who is now suffering some level of injury, and to take this burden away from him in dealing with the insurance company, dealing with the motorcycle, and everything else. The person who was injured on the motorcycle should concentrate on getting better and trying to piece his life back together.

If a person has been involved in a motorcycle accident, more often than not there are going to be severe injuries. It is the job of the insurance companies of the other drivers to pay as little as possible. They are going to try to blame the motorcyclist for the accident by claiming their driver could not see the motorcyclist, the motorcyclist was going too fast, or weaving in and out of traffic. Motorcyclists have a bad reputation and it is important to have a legal advocate for the motorcyclist. Motorcyclists are people who are legally allowed to operate their vehicle on the roadway and should be afforded all the same respect that other vehicles are provided.

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