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Broken Bones Following a Boca Raton Pedestrian Accident

Broken bones following a Boca Raton pedestrian accident is fairly common. This is because a pedestrian is very fragile and being hit by a car can cause severe injuries. If you have suffered a broken bone after a pedestrian accident, seek the services of a well-established pedestrian accident attorney. An accident resulting in broken bones can alter your life for a significant period of time, therefore, it is wise to obtain a lawyer who is experienced helping individuals get the recovery they deserve.

Broken Bones Impact on a Person’s Life

Doctor examining a patient's injured shoulder and arm

Broken bones following a Boca Raton pedestrian accident can seriously impact an individual’s life. After suffering a broken bone, the injured victim often requires surgery and the healing process requires immobilizing the broken bone, which impedes the person’s mobility.

Broken bones can affect a person’s life when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses too. Broken bones may lead to a loss of income during a recovery because many occupations require the individual to be mobile. When an individual is not able to perform the functions of their job because of the injuries, then they will suffer from lost wages. If a broken bone prevents an individual from completing the required task within the scope of their employment, then they may lose their job.

Significant costs associated with broken bones include the initial medical treatment and transportation, such as emergency medical transportation personnel, fire rescue, and transportation to the emergency room after the accident. Other expenses include:

  • Diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and MRIs
  • Surgery to repair the bones
  • Overnight or multiple days spent in the hospital recuperating
  • Potential rehabilitation after the surgery
  • Assistance with domestic responsibilities

Quality of Life Following a Pedestrian Accident

Firefighters and EMTs loading an injured driver onto a stretcher next to a flipped-over car

Broken bones could cause disabilities, such as limited mobility and flexibility. Some broken bones even result in complete immobility. Open or compound fractures create traumatic open wounds that when healed can leave disfigurement or scarring.

The pain following a broken bone injury can seriously alter a person’s life by diminishing their quality of life, prohibiting the individual from participating in activities which bring them joy and satisfaction, and by dealing with chronic pain that could lead to depression or disinterest in social activities. This is why is it essential for an injured victim to contact a lawyer who has experience determining liability in a pedestrian accident. Once liability is assigned, the injured person may be able to collect damages.

Range of Severity Between Different Types of Bone Breaks

Man with broken arm in cast standing in front of a wrecked car

The severity of the different kinds of broken bones following a Boca Raton pedestrian accident varies depending on which of the following categories the fracture fits under:

  • Minor hairline
  • Stable
  • Compound
  • Transverse
  • Comminuted

In compound fracture cases, the skin is pierced by the bone and there is traumatic tissue damage surrounding the break. A transverse fracture is when the fracture line is horizontal to oblique fractures with an angled fracture pattern. Comminuted fractures are when the bone is shattered into three or more pieces. For more information about broken bones following a Boca Raton pedestrian accident, call a lawyer today.

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