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Boca Raton Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

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A side-impact collision, which is also known as a T-bone collision, is an accident in which the front of one vehicle impacts the side of another vehicle, creating a perpendicular T shape. These accidents can cause devastating injuries and extensive property damage, especially when large vehicles like trucks are involved.

If you were injured in a T-bone crash, reach out to a Boca Raton side-impact truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. A compassionate personal injury attorney could help you receive compensation for your injuries. The legal team at Kogan & DiSalvo could handle the details of your case while you focus on recovery.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Side-Impact Collisions

Common side impact accident scenarios with a truck in Boca Raton might include a truck not making a wide enough left-hand turn, wherein the side of the truck impacts the front of another vehicle. Side impact collisions also often occur when a vehicle makes a left-hand turn in front of another vehicle. Side impact collisions usually occur in the middle of intersections and often occur when one vehicle runs a red light.

Common Effects of T-Bone Accidents

The common effects of side-impact collisions are usually damage to the side of the vehicle. If the impact was a T-bone collision, the damage would be to one vehicle’s front and the other vehicle’s side. Depending on the speed and force behind the collision, the airbags might deploy in one or both vehicles. Common injuries sustained in a side-impact collision include:

  • Burns from the airbag deployment
  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Spine injuries
  • Disk herniations
  • Paralysis

First Steps After an Accident

The first steps that a person involved in a side-impact collision should take include calling 911 if they are able. Once their immediate injuries are taken care of, they should assess the scene of the collision. They should try to take photographs of the vehicles at their resting point before the vehicles are moved to the side of the road. They should also try to find any independent eyewitnesses to the collision who would be able to testify as to how the collision occurred. It is important to collect eyewitnesses’ full names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses for future communications. After the police arrive at the scene, make sure to cooperate with them fully.

Recoverable Damages

A person involved in a side-impact collision could attempt to recover compensatory damages, such as economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills and non-economic damages include pain and suffering. Depending on the particular facts of the case, a person could also attempt to recover punitive damages. For example, if the person who caused the collision was racing or drunk driving, those might be reasons to punish the driver in an attempt to collect punitive damages.

How a Boca Raton Side-Impact Crash Lawyer Could Help

An attorney could help a truck accident victim by acting as the liaison between them and the insurance company, so they can focus on recovering from their injuries after the collision. For example, an attorney could help with the property damage and injury aspect of the person’s claim. An attorney could help make sure the victim is diligent regarding their medical treatment and is receiving treatment from the best doctors and facilities available in the area.

A Boca Raton side-impact truck accident lawyer could help you collect the compensation you deserve after your accident. They understand how stressful recovering from an accident can be, and could work to ease your concerns. Call Kogan & DiSalvo today to schedule a consultation.

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