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Boynton Beach Bicycle Helmet Laws

Bicycle accidents often produce significant injuries that may incur costly and unexpected medical bills. An injured person may want to seek compensation to help address financial concerns. Before filing a claim, a person who was injured while biking may want to consider learning about Boynton Beach bicycle helmet laws.

Schedule an appointment with a skilled bicycle accident lawyer from Kogan & DiSalvo. They could examine the facts of your case and work to demonstrate how another party may have acted negligently. Accurately showing how another party contributed to your injuries could substantially increase the chance for a positive outcome in your case.

Common Biking Accident Injuries

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Injuries are common in biking accidents as most riders have little to zero protection, especially during a collision with a fixed object or vehicle. While the severity of injuries often depend on the circumstances of the crash, a head injury is typically viewed as serious. A person who suffered a head injury following a bicycle accident could be left comatose or dead.

Wearing a helmet could potentially reduce the chance for injury in a bike accident, however, there are many instances where they may not be effective. For example, if a speeding vehicle collides with a bicyclist who is wearing a helmet, they generally have relatively low protection from the impact of the hit in comparison to the driver of the car or truck.

Helmet Requirements in Boynton Beach

Cyclist woman with sportswear and sunglasses adjusting her bicycle helmet

In Boynton Beach, when someone is under 16 years of age, they typically must wear a bicycle helmet that is properly fitted and fastened securely to their head with a strap. There is generally no other requirement for helmet usage for a person over the age of 16. In some cases, when a person under the age of 16 who suffers an injury following a biking accident without wearing a helmet could receive a counter claim of comparative negligence. This may reduce potential damages that an injured person could be eligible to receive.

Bicycle accidents often cause severe injuries and the medical costs could significantly harm a person’s financial situation. Seeking compensation for such injuries may reduce the financial strain on an injured person and allow them to heal more peacefully. Arrange for a legal consultation to learn more about Boynton Beach bicycle helmet laws and how they could impact your compensation claim.

Impact of Comparative Negligence

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In some cases, when there is a head trauma as a result of a bicycle collision with a motor vehicle or other cause and the failure to wear a helmet contributed to that injury, a claim of comparative negligence could be filed by the defense. Comparative negligence could also be raised even when the person is over the age of 16 despite the lack of regulation.

Such a claim is generally attempting to state that if the bicycle rider had their helmet on, the injury would not have occurred. This reasoning often serves as a test for the comparative negligence issue in regards to the helmet. However, if a person experienced a significant injury outside of head trauma, it may not matter whether they had a helmet on. A knowledgeable bike accident lawyer who is familiar with Boynton Beach bicycle helmet laws could examine the case facts and possibly work to refute claims asserting that an injured person also contributed to the accident.

Learning More About Bicycle Helmet Rules in Boynton Beach

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Contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer and they could review the circumstances surrounding your case. Enlisting the legal services of an attorney who understands bike accident cases may substantially help identify how Boynton Beach bicycle helmet laws might influence your case. Call and schedule a free consultation to discuss legal options that may be effective for your case.

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