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Out-of-State Cyclists and Boynton Beach Bicycle Laws

With its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, it is no secret that southern Florida is a popular vacation destination. And the last thing you want on your getaway is to have an accident or be charged with something that could have been easily avoided.

If you are a cyclist and are planning a trip to Boynton Beach, you should reach out to skilled bike accident lawyers to make sure you are up to date on the out-of-state cyclist and Boynton Beach Bicycle laws.

What an Out-of-State Visitor Should Know

As with in-state riders and when a person is under 16, the person must wear a helmet. If a person is riding in a bike lane or in the road, they must obey all traffic rules and regulations. When a person rides on the sidewalk, they must pay special attention to all entrances and exits crossing over the sidewalk and also give way to any pedestrians.

Bicycle riders from out-of-state should be aware the drivers in Florida do not always give heed or proper clearance to bicycle riders. They should be extra vigilant of any approaching vehicles and make sure the driver is not drifting over or otherwise coming anywhere near where the bicycle rider is riding to avoid a collision.

Tips Regarding Out-of-State Cyclists and Boynton Beach Laws

Out-of-state bicycle riders should be extremely vigilant and know that a high percentage of drivers of cars in Florida and in Boynton Beach may be elderly. Their reaction time is slower and their ability to perceive dangers for bicycle riders may be impaired. Also, there are many drivers impaired in other ways driving around Boynton Beach so bicyclists need to be cautious and not assume that the driver of a car or a truck is aware of the bicyclist. It only takes one hit to end a person’s life. The driver of a vehicle that hits a bicycle gets away unscathed other than possible criminal prosecution. A vehicle takes the hit to the bicyclist; a bicyclist takes a hit to their body.

There are no circumstances that an out-of-state bicyclist can use being from out of state as a defense. The rules are the same as if a person was driving a car on the streets of Florida or Boynton Beach. A person is expected to know the rules and regulations pertaining to operating a motor vehicle on the road. When a person is a bicyclist riding on the road, they are expected to know all the rules and regulations.

No-Fault Insurance Benefits

A person needs two or three types of coverage which may cover them in Florida if they are involved in an accident while riding a bicycle. The three types are:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP), also called no-fault. When someone has that type of coverage for their car and is out-of-state, that coverage may pay for their medical care and treatment necessitated by the accident while riding a bicycle in Florida.
  • Medical payment coverage, which pays for medical care and treatment needed for an accident while on a bicycle if the bicycle accident involves a motor vehicle. A person cannot crash their bicycle and expect to have coverage from their car insurance. Another vehicle must be involved before any of these types of insurance kick-in.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which is insurance that protects a person when the driver who caused the accident does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage compensates the person for the injuries they sustained. These are only available when a person is struck by a motor vehicle while on a bicycle. A single bicycle crash is not covered by any type of car insurance.

Circumstances when Out-of-State Laws Apply

When a person is a bicycle rider from out-of-state and is involved in a motor vehicle/bicycle accident, their insurance policy may provide coverage. When coverage applies, the state where the person entered into the insurance policy controls the interpretation of the insurance contract, not the laws of Florida. To gather more information relating to out-of-state cyclists and Boynton Beach Bicycle Laws, call dedicated lawyers today for a free consultation.

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