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Safety Measures Following a Boynton Beach Bicycle Accident

Following a bicycle accident, the most important thing is to get the police to the scene. Depending on the severity of injuries, a person should get emergency medical personnel, EMS, fire rescue, or whatever it might be in the locale to the scene to evaluate the person and to make sure there are no internal injuries that could cause major problems or death.

Bicyclists should carry identification so if they are knocked unconscious or worse, others at the scene of the accident know who the person is and who to contact. Blood type information is helpful to have on a person in case a serious traumatic event requires a blood transfusion immediately. Sometimes, time is of the essence and even simple things like that can really help. Speak with a practiced Boynton Beach bike accident attorney from Kogan & DiSalvo to learn more about safety measures following a bicycle accident.

Carrying a Camera

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The benefit of having a camera attached to a bicycle, a helmet, or both has proven helpful over and over again. Whenever there is an accident, whether it is between cars, trucks, car and a bicycle, a truck and a bicycle or whatever, there are always multiple versions of what happened.

A camera potentially shows exactly what happened. It may show the car coming out from the parking lot or turning in front of the bicyclist. It might show the car coming over and hitting the person in the bike lane. That is invaluable information and if the person can obtain a camera, they should. A camera records what is going on and might record the most important moment when the person is hit. A camera could also give some insight into the accident and why a person should take safety measures following a Boynton Beach bicycle accident.

Preemptive Safety Measures

Cyclist woman with sportswear and sunglasses adjusting her bicycle helmet

Bicyclists should not try to beat traffic lights. They should obey all the rules and regulations pertaining to operating a vehicle on roadways. A bicycle is a vehicle; although it is a self-propelled vehicle, the bicyclist must stop for signs and yield for yield signs. They should not disregard traffic laws just because they are on a bicycle. Traffic laws are even more important because a person does not get a second chance on a bicycle.

The person should have lights or reflective clothing, and a bell or a horn to warn the driver of the motor vehicle that they are coming. Some people have air horns on their bicycles to get a driver’s attention if they start pulling out in front of the bicycle. If a person has previously been involved in a biking accident, they should practice these common safety measures following a Boynton Beach bicycle accident.

How to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

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As with younger people that have not gone through the process to obtain a driver’s license, children do not necessarily know the rules of the road. The more a person can know about the rules and regulations of driving on public roads, the better off they are when riding a bicycle on the road. Familiarity with traffic regulations, traffic rules, and proper driving on a road, is helpful for a person operating a bicycle.

It is important to know the traffic regulations and follow them. Younger riders that may not know the rules should be taught proper bicycle safety and that can be done at an early age. A parent can instill in their children the rules needed to ride a bicycle, just like driving a car. Young riders need to be able to maintain control and follow the rules. It is better to follow safety measures now rather than following safety measures following a Boynton Beach bicycle accident.

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