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Tips for Driving into the Sun in Boynton Beach

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A white semi-truck driving down the road towards the sun

At some point in the day, many people will be driving into the glare of the sun. The angle of the sun shortly after rising and before setting throws sharp spears of light straight at the eyes, and in this glare, eyes squint and vision is impaired.

The two worst times to drive are during rush hours when traffic is heaviest and when glare makes it difficult to see what is ahead. Misjudging the gap of the car ahead and the speed of traffic because of a glare is dangerous. If you have suffered an accident due to glare, get in touch with a dedicated car accident lawyer who can help you move forward.

Minimizing Glare

Man with sunglasses driving on a sunny day

Motorists, however, can minimize the glare somewhat. The American Automobile Association (AAA) has suggestions to make driving with a glare safer.

  • Wearing polarized sunglasses can help a lot. These let light waves moving in a certain direction come through the lenses. Light vibrating in other directions is absorbed. Think of looking down the road and seeing the street look wet. That is light moving horizontally.
  • Do not put papers on the dashboard. The white of paper reflects sunlight. Also, when buying or renting a vehicle, choose one that does not have a light-colored dashboard. They reflect sunlight, too.
  • A vehicle’s sun visors can block harsh light from hitting one’s eyes and still allow one to see. The visors can move to the side, too, to stop light hitting one’s eyes from the side.
  • Keep the windshield clean, and clean on the inside, too. Glaring sunlight will magnify the smudges and dirt film and limit visibility even more.
  • Windshield cracks and pitting from debris interferes with vision at all times and are particularly noticeable in a glare.
  • Leave sufficient space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you to stop safely. That driver has the same or worse visibility difficulties.
  • Window tinting can help, though most states will not allow it on windshields. Tinting does a good job of limiting glare from the side and damaging ultraviolet light, too.
  • Use the road’s lane markings as a guide when glare makes it too hard to see.

Most collisions happen at intersections so be careful approaching them in the glaring light. If you are in a serious accident because of glare, the most prudent thing to do is to talk to a Boynton Beach car accident attorney from Kogan & DiSalvo.

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