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Tips for Driving Safely Through Fog in Boynton Beach

Cars driving on Interstate 95 on a cloudy day

More people are on the roads nowadays that have to deal with fog, some for the first time. It is important for individuals to understand this road hazard so they know what they are up against when traffic slows to a crawl and visibility becomes severely limited. Below are some tips for driving safely through fog in Boynton Beach. If you want to know more, or you have been involved in an accident caused by driving in fog, consult a skilled car accident attorney today.

How Does Fog Work?

Fog happens when water droplets hang near the colder ground and road surfaces, limiting vision from a few feet to a half mile ahead. The most common type is radiation fog. This happens on clear nights when the ground cools with moist air just above. A soft breeze stirs the droplets making the fog deeper. It is like taking a cold glass from the refrigerator. It fogs up when introduced to the warmer air in the room.

Fog Lights

Aerial view of a car with its headlights on driving over a pedestrian crosswalk at night.

Fog hovers about 20 inches from the surface. Light shining directly into it gets reflected, causing glare. Fog lights may help cut through fog, but they are generally not very effective. They spread a wide, flat beam of light that illuminates the surface and reveals a portion of the road immediately ahead.

The color of the fog light matters little, and most states have laws about what colors are allowed. A red fog light, which is allowed, fixed low on the back of the vehicle can prevent rear-end collisions.

Fog Driving Safety Tips

J.D. Power offers these tips for driving safely through fog in Boynton Beach:

  • Slow down. Fog masks the sense of speed so rely on the speedometer
  • Do not stop on the road. If a driver must stop, they should pull well off the road and turn off the lights so others do not follow
  • Use low beam headlights. High beams shine brightly into the fog causing glare
  • Consider fog lights
  • Follow the white line on the right side of the road to avoid driving too close to oncoming traffic
  • Focus on the road ahead. Driving blind is no time for multi-tasking

Speaking With an Attorney

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Fog might seem like nothing more than a harmless inconvenience, but driving through fog can be fatal. Visibility is one of the most important aspects of car/driving safety. If you cannot see while you are on the road, you run the risk of colliding with other cars which may not be visible. By abiding by these tips for driving safely through fog in Boynton Beach, you can hopefully avoid being involved in a car collision. If you have been injured in a car accident due to driving through fog, get in touch with a qualified car accident attorney from Kogan & DiSalvo. A diligent legal advocate and work towards a positive outcome for you.

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