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Can You Use Headphones While Driving in Boynton Beach?

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Many people wonder whether driving with earbuds in is against the law. Using headphones while driving in Boynton Beach falls under a separate law than texting behind the wheel. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be able to use headphones while driving.

The states have similar and yet somewhat different laws regarding this question. Those taking cross-country trips will traverse different legal jurisdictions, so it is helpful to know what the legal differences are in all the states. Contact a knowledgeable Boynton Beach car accident lawyer to learn more.

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State Laws on Earbud Use Behind the Wheel

Headphones and earbuds can be used legally in all but 18 states, and those 18 impose certain restrictions, according to information provided by the Automobile Association of America and compiled by Digital Music News. States that do not allow them, without any exceptions, are Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and New York.

California and Rhode Island say no and that is for bicyclists, too. California also allows protection from injurious noises. Alaska does not permit them except for navigation purposes, and a lot of that navigation is by aircraft. Arizona allows them but not while driving a school bus or transporting children to and from daycare.

Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington do not allow them except in audio devices built into motorcycle helmets. Washington allows hands-free wireless devices. Illinois also has the motorcycle exemption but limits headphones and earbuds for use in just one ear.

Pennsylvania also prohibits them unless one ear remains free. Georgia does not allow anything that reduces sight or hearing, but allows them for “communication” reasons only. Massachusetts allows them only for controlling the vehicle. Headphones and earbuds are legal in Oregon except in some regions of the state. Check local ordinances. Hearing aids are generally exceptions to these state laws.

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Staying Updated on Headphone Laws

Most state legislatures are busy much of the year and laws can and do change from time to time. To ensure one is in compliance with laws regarding using headphones while driving in Boynton Beach, it is best for an individual to check with their home state or an attorney to learn if anything changes. It is also worth noting that a driver listening legally can still be distracted, such as not hearing an emergency vehicle. If the distraction causes an accident, they may still be liable for damages.

Consulting an Attorney

Using headphones while driving in Boynton Beach may not seem like a big deal, but in doing so, you put yourself and others at risk of getting into a car accident. Many people think that they can multitask but it is just not possible, so when you drive while using earbuds, you are driving while distracted. Even if using headphones while driving is legal in your state, you could end up injuring yourself and/or others, by driving without giving your full attention to the road. If you want to know more about using headphones while driving, and all relevant legislation on the matter, get in touch with a Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer that can answer your questions.

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