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Boynton Beach Construction Accident Premises Liability Damages

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Construction sites can be one of the more dangerous areas to be due to the nature of the work. With the heavy machinery and other hazardous materials in the vicinity, it is far too easy for someone to get injured where construction is being done. And if an accident does occur, it is imperative to hold the responsible party accountable for the incident.

If you have been injured at a construction site, contact one of our accomplished construction accident lawyers who can help you calculate and recover the construction accident damages to which you are entitled. Call for a free consultation to see what options you may have going forward.

Severity of Construction Accident Injuries

Doctor reviewing brain scan MRI images in a hospital

Typically in most premises liability cases, they are slip and falls or trip and falls. They may break a bone or they may hurt their back, they may hurt their neck, they may have a concussion from hitting the ground. But when dealing with a construction accident case, because of the nature of the dangerous materials used in a construction site, there can be some different types of injuries such as a metal rod piercing a person’s body, a concrete block breaking their shoulder apart, their arm getting crushed in a piece of machinery, their leg being amputated by a negligent coworker.

Because of the nature of the materials and the nature of the equipment that is used in a construction site, the injuries can be much more dramatic and much more severe. This means Boynton Beach construction accident damages could be far more than a general liability case.

Calculating Compensatory Damages

A printed medical billing statement with a stethoscope on top of it

Compensatory damages are always calculated by way of past medical expenses, what medical expenses are reasonably calculated or reasonably anticipated to be incurred in the future. Of course, there are lost wages in the past and in the future and then, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of function, and loss of use. The construction accident damages are calculated on a case-by-case basis. This includes figuring the medical bills. Lost wages can be quantified and depending on the severity of the injury and the permanent impact it has had on one’s life will have a very major role in the compensatory damages, the pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages in Construction Site Accidents

Female judge on the bench in a courtroom with plaintiff and defendant and their lawyers

There does not seem to be a cap on punitive damages in construction accident cases. If there is, it is a multiple of the compensatory damages, but punitive damages would be difficult to obtain in a construction site accident unless there is a history of ongoing problems, the owner or the contractor refuses to acknowledge or make any modifications to prevent these injuries from occurring and basically a willful disregard for the safety of the employees. It has to be a very high level in order to get punitive damages. It would be more like knowing there is a substantial likelihood that an employee is going to be hurt in a certain way could give rise to punitive damages.

What Type of Negligence Law Jurisdiction is Boynton Beach?

Statue of lady justice on desk of a judge or lawyer.

Boynton Beach is a comparative negligence jurisdiction which means that if the defendant is found liable, the construction site, the owner, whoever it might be, and the injured victim was at all comparatively negligent, the amount that they award to the injured victim will be reduced by the percentage of fault assessed against them. But in Florida, which is a modified comparative negligence state, the comparative negligence of an injured party, the plaintiff, can go from 0 to 50%. If it is 51% or above, it means they found against the plaintiff but the defendant is unable to recover any compensation.

Make sure you contact one of our attorneys who could figure out the Boynton Beach construction accident damages so you could receive the compensation you deserve.

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