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Each year, thousands of people in the United States undergo hip replacement surgery.  Modern hip implants are manufactured from a combination of materials, which include ceramic, plastic, and metal. While the designs and compositions vary by manufacturer, the three basic components of an artificial hip implant remain constant: the stem that is inserted into the femur/thigh bone,  the ball that is affixed to the head of the femur, and the cup that is attached to the pelvis.

Patients of varying ages, injuries, and conditions receive hip implants with the common goals of improving mobility, decreasing pain and discomfort, and attaining an overall improvement in their quality of life. Fractures to the hip, arthritis, or erosion of the joint are the main reasons patients receive hip replacements.

If you have suffered from injuries as the result of a hip replacement, contact a Boynton Beach hip replacement lawyer today for an evaluation. A skilled product liability attorney can help you begin your case today.

Hip Replacement Defects & Recalls

In May of 2011, the FDA ordered 21 manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacement products to conduct in-depth post-market studies on these hip replacement systems. In 2012, an FDA panel found that surgeons should not continue to use metal-on-metal hip replacement systems.  The manufacturers whose metal-on-metal hip replacement systems account for the majority of those implanted in patients are: Stryker, DePuy, and Zimmer.

These metal-on-metal hip replacement systems present a host of risks and danger to the patient. When the metal components rub against one another, as they are meant to in order to function, microscopic flecks of metal break off and migrate throughout the body and bloodstream, causing metallosis, or “metal toxicity”. Another dangerous complication that can develop after hip replacement surgery is Osteolysis: the loss of bone surrounding the implant that results from the body’s natural response to cleaning up foreign particles produced by the metal components’ friction. Osteolysis can lead to loosening and failure of the device and should be addressed with the assistance of a Boynton Beach hip replacement lawyer.
Some metal-on-metal hip replacement systems are made of multiple types of metals, with varying strength. Many patients have suffered from their implants fracturing as a result of the metals’ incompatibility.

 How a Boynton Beach Hip Replacement Attorney Can Help

Hip Replacement manufacturers have set aside billions of dollars to compensate those individuals who have suffered because of their recklessness. Attorneys understand the pain and devastation these patients and their families have suffered, and they have helped many such individuals with their claims against metal-on-metal hip replacement manufacturers. If you or a loved one have suffered from debilitating injuries as the result of a metal-on-metal hip replacement, contact a Boynton Beach hip replacement lawyer today for a case evaluation.

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