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A personal injury caused by a product you purchase may be grounds for a product liability claim, with which you can pursue compensation for your injury. Call our experienced Boynton Beach product liability lawyer for a free case evaluation. Our Boynton Beach injury attorneys can help you answer questions including “who is at fault for my injury?” and “how do I get compensated for my medical bills?”

Types of Defective Product Claims

When you purchase a product and use it as it was intended to be used, you should know all of the risks associated with its proper use, or you should have a reasonable expectation that the product is not dangerous. If you are injured regardless of these things, then you may have a claim.

These types of claims may involve:

Your defective product claim may involve virtually any type of product. The only way to know for sure if you have a qualifying claim is to contact a product liability attorney in Boynton Beach for a case review. Our no-obligation case evaluations are free. If you decide to move forward with a claim, there is no fee to you unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Some of the most common types of claims are:

  • Motor vehicles that have faulty parts which have been recalled, yet are still on the road and cause injury
  • A machine press lacking a safety guard, resulting in the loss of a limb to a worker
  • A child’s crib with faulty hardware that fails, causing the sliding side to seriously injure a small child
  • Improperly packaged/stored chemicals that combust, causing burning and/or blindness
  • Medications found to be defective and harmful to users

These are just a few examples. A product liability attorney can assist their clients in medical device liability cases for hernia mesh injuries, or hip replacement injuries. There are endless types of claims, and our Boynton Beach product liability lawyers have more than two decades of experience handling these claims.

Product Liability Law

There are three ways a product can be defective:

  • Design defect: there is a fault or defect in the way the product was designed
  • Manufacturing defect: the manufacturer deviated from the approved design plan and one or more of the products or components were made improperly
  • Marketing defect: there is some defect in the marketing of the product, which may manifest as insufficient instructions or inadequate warnings

You deserve to be fairly compensated for the medical bills, lost wages, and emotional stress and trauma caused by your injury. Our experienced defective product lawyers will examine the circumstances of your injury and build the strongest possible case for recovering compensation. Typically, the potential at-fault parties in these types of claims are the product manufacturer, the manufacturer of parts of the product, the assemblers/installers of the product, the wholesaler, and the retailer who sold the product to you.

To find out if you have a defective product claim, call a Boynton Beach product liability lawyer for a free case review. You may be able to receive compensation for a class action lawsuit if you have been injured from a defective product. It is essential that you consult with a dedicated attorney.

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