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Broward County Burn Injury Lawyer 

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If someone is severely burned in an accident, the medical bills will soon become overwhelming and the injured person likely will miss work and may even be forced into a career change. To recover expenses, the burned person should contact an experienced Broward County lawyer who has successfully handled these cases to sue for damages.

Broward County burn injury lawyers offer a free consultation without obligation to assess the facts and determine if a lawsuit is valid. Contact today to begin your case.

Severity of Burns

The medical community has categorized burns ranging from minor household mishaps to catastrophic events.

  • First degree burns cause the skin to turn red with minor swelling
  • Second degree burns result in the skin becoming slightly thick and could be accompanied by blistering
  • Third degree burns turn the skin leathery and waxen. Numbness can be experienced because the dermis and nerves are damaged
  • Fourth degree burns reach under the skin into flesh causing charring and irreparable harm. If the heat is hot and applied long enough, bones will burn and char

Florida personal injury law states that anyone who is burned on 25 percent or more of the body, or five percent of face and hands, is catastrophically injured. Broward County burn injury lawyers can help.

Negligence Law

Negligence is failing to behave toward others in a manner that does not cause injury or property damage. Florida’s comparative negligence law applies when burns are sustained in an accident.

Comparative negligence holds everyone who had a part in causing the accident financially responsible by limiting the amount of damage to be claimed by the percent of fault assessed. Consult a Broward County burn injury lawyer for more information on negligence.

Proof of Negligence

Negligence consists of five elements and each must be proven to have a successful case:

  • Duty of care is a legal requirement for people to act toward the public with the caution and watchfulness that is expected from a reasonable person in a similar circumstance
  • An act that violates duty of care is a breach
  • The breach caused injury or property damage
  • Damages resulted
  • Proximate cause, or the expected outcome of a taken act, occurred

Potential Damages from Burn Injuries

Available damages include:

  • Emergency and long-term medical treatment and hospitalization
  • Skin grafts and surgeries
  • Therapeutic treatments and equipment purchases or rentals
  • Long-term care
  • Disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and future earning power
  • Training for other types of employment
  • Loss of consortium

How a Broward County Burn Injury Attorney Can Help

To achieve damages, a Broward County burn injury lawyer must file a lawsuit that alleges the defendant was negligent in causing the burn injury. That allegation is supported with facts of the injury event and the amount of financial loss incurred. The lawsuit also must provide relevant legal citations in case law and statutory law.

Many personal injury cases are settled instead of going to trial. In that situation, the amount of damages is reached through negotiation with the defendant’s insurance carrier, which will try to reduce the amount of damages.

However, an experienced Broward County burn injury lawyer will aggressively work to achieve an amount that is satisfactory to the burn victim.

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