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West Palm Beach Paralysis Lawyer 

After receiving a paralysis diagnosis, one must seriously think about their financial future and how to preserve a healthy lifestyle when facing many new medical expenses. Know that retaining legal representation from a compassionate West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer may be able to help. If the paralysis happened in an incident caused by a negligent individual, the injured party has a legal right to sue those responsible for their damages in civil court. These circumstances could take the form of automotive crashes, workplace incidents, sporting events, falling down, and acts of criminal violence. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated injury attorney could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

Available Forms of Injury Compensation

The law allows damages to help an injured individual recover from their injuries in a financial sense. For example, a patient who is 25 years old at the time of a paralysis diagnosis will need an estimated $4.7 million over the rest of their lifetime according to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Income and benefits are not included in that figure. A number of damages can be pursued with the help of a West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer on one’s side. Reach out to a compassionate injury attorney to learn more.

Economic Losses

The first priority in recovery is to get a full range of medical care, which includes surgeries, hospitalization, medicines, x-rays, and tests. Treating paralysis includes therapeutic care that requires the rental or purchase of necessary equipment. The injured individual will likely need a wheelchair with sophisticated features. The plaintiff’s residence, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities will need to be modified to provide wheelchair access. A paralyzed individual may no longer be able to work in their chosen career or find new employment. Know that one’s loss of income in the present that could not be earned over a lifetime due to the injury can be claimed with the help of a qualified West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are meant to compensate the injured individual in more personal ways. They include pain and suffering stemming from the event itself and its aftermath. Paralysis is a devastating injury, and a patient may experience emotional trauma, mental anguish, and the inability to provide spousal support. The challenge with this category of damages is designating a fair dollar figure.

A jury ultimately decides what damages to award someone, and can either be generous or skeptical. A judge makes those decisions if a jury is not used in the case. If the amount of non-economic damages is contested by the defendant, the court may potentially reduce the amount. In these situations, an experienced West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer can be a valuable asset in protecting the amount of compensation a plaintiff needs.

The Role of a West Palm Beach Paralysis Lawyer

In preparing the case, a professional West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer will calculate all the economic damages and gather records, receipts, and other evidence to prove them. Non-economic damages will depend on the patient’s emotional and mental states. Paralysis is a complex medical condition, and to ensure the jury or the court understands its technical aspects, the attorney can use a third-party medical professional to testify about the validity of the claims and to refute the defense’s case.

The testimony of a psychologist or a psychiatrist can also enlighten the jury about the emotional and mental states of the patient. If the parties decide to settle the case without a trial, a  West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer will aggressively defend the number of damages claimed and negotiate with the defendant’s insurance carrier to achieve a fair settlement. If you wish to retain legal assistance in pursuing compensation for your injuries, consider reaching out to a seasoned West Palm Beach paralysis lawyer today.

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