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As with any insurance, the system for compensating injured workers is complicated and can be difficult to comprehend, especially to someone who has little or no experience navigating through all the rules and exceptions written by government lawyers and insurance policy makers.

When employers deny workers’ compensation payments to employees in Broward County, those employees could trust in the knowledge of experienced attorneys who understands the system and may be able to resolve failed payments for injured and sick employees. Contact a team of Broward County workers’ compensation lawyers today.

The Basics of Workers’ Compensation

Responding to the Great Depression and designed to limit lawsuits, the concept of workers’ compensation became national law in 1935. Employees gave up the right to sue for damages, and in return companies assumed liability for injuries and illnesses caused in the performance of their jobs even if the harm was done was the employee’s own doing.

Workers’ comp, as it is more commonly known, covers medical costs, permanent disability benefits, and loss of wages. In some cases, stroke and heart disease are also covered, but only if the assigned work contributed to the disease. Lung cancer may also be covered in certain circumstances, even if the employee was a smoker.

Broward County’s version of workers’ compensation applies to companies that have at least four employees or 12 seasonal workers who are employed for a minimum of 30 days.

Making a Claim

Employees should promptly see a doctor in the event of injury or illness. The employer makes the decision about which doctor to see; however, mileage trips to the doctor are typically reimbursed.
Injured and ill employees must file a workers’ compensation claim with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation, beginning by notifying the employee’s supervisor or employer within 30 days of the injury or when the first signs of illness appear. Failing to meet this firm deadline may prevent the employee from making a claim or delay payments.

Employers have seven days to report the claim to the insurance carrier, and the insurer has three days to mail an information brochure to the employee. A person should always consult with a group of dedicated Broward County workers’ compensation lawyers before filing a claim.

Can Benefits be Denied?

Benefits can be denied if the physician chosen by the employer or insurance company disputes the injury or illness as caused by the worker’s duties.

If workers’ compensation benefits are denied by the employer or the insurance carrier, Florida’s Employee Assistance Office may be able to help. However, the services of competent Broward County workers’ compensation lawyers who know the system and the applicable law could be more beneficial in resolving the issue in the employee’s favor.

Skilled attorneys could:

  • Prepare the claim and calculate the benefits allowed to ensure the worker is fully compensated under Broward County law
  • Enter into mediation
  • File a Petition for Benefits that formally requests the payments, where it is reviewed by the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims
  • If needed, represent the case at the First District Court of Appeals

Contact Broward County Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Today

Even though an employee does not need legal counsel to petition for benefits, competent legal representation by Broward County workers’ compensation lawyers could help protect the worker’s rights and achieve benefits that were denied. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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